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Ill over Easter


So if you hadn’t guessed from the title, I was ill over Easter. Only for twenty four hours – but my goodness it sucked.  496 more words

Special Effects Critique: World War Z

Assuming that people reading this have already seen the movie World War Z, I’m here to express my opinion on the special effects throughout the whole movie. 330 more words

Survival Lessons from World War Z

The Art of Manliness outlines 7 survival lessons from the book World War Z by Max Brooks.

Here are a few of the lessons they mention. 294 more words

Stuff I Like

Post Apocalyptic games can’t get it right

It’s sometime in the near distant future. You, the sole survivor of your family’s brutal massacre at the hands of savage bandits sometime you were in your mid teens. 1,069 more words


My New Addiction

I just can’t get enough of these. This one is for all the fans of Max Brooks original book

World War Zzzzzzz…..

Julius Pepperwood

Friday evening zombies

Since I’ve felt more dead than alive for the last week, and I managed to catch Resident Evil: Extinction on the telly last night, I thought I’d have a film evening today. 630 more words

Science Fiction

The Zombie Zeitgeist

The following is a rough remembrance of a conversation with my then twelve year old daughter when I was taking her to school.

Me: do you have your backpack? 1,298 more words