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Book Review - Dear Committee Members

Dear Committee Members by Julie Schumacher is the reason I finally have fully integrated use of the word “epistolary.” Certainly I’ve read epistolary novels before; heck, some of my very favorite books take this form: Bram Stoker’s… 414 more words


Book Review - Surviving the Dead, a series, by James N. Cook

I’ve come to enjoy the current influx of Zombie Apocalypse media, books, and one television program, The Walking Dead. I can not include motion pictures because the last motion picture theater I was present in was for a movie I have no memory of its content due to falling asleep during the advertisements and promotions for products I will never use, nor movies I will never see. 595 more words

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Ebola Advice 101

Over the last few weeks I have an increasing sense of anxiety about the pending apocalyptic hemorrhagic fever AKA Ebola virus.

However I have seen the following movies/TV programmes that will offer not only reassurance but also sound advice. 47 more words

World War Z by Max Brooks

With zombies being a polarizing pop culture entity, let’s go back to only eight years ago to 2006. In 2006, zombies were enjoying a quasi-renaissance in film. 466 more words


Harlem Hellfighters Review

Back in June after I attended Denver Comic Con, I blogged about attending a Max Brooks panel–which was amazing. While he did spend a great deal of time in his panel talking about… 717 more words


World War Z Review: Keep Moving and You'll Be Fine

Movement is life. You have a better chance if you come with us.
-Gerry Lane

Or for Netflix viewers, keep scrolling. World War Z (2013) is not really a must-see.

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World War Z

Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. This movie did not stop moving! Normally I’m not impressed by that, but this was good.
You’re not emotionally invested in Brad Pitt’s character, but that of his family. 47 more words

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