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Where are the readers?

I was trying to figure out how to write this blog without pissing people off – or even if I should, since it has that potential. 551 more words


Writing a Book (gyaaaaaaaa)

“Those people aren’t your friends, they’re paid to kiss your feet”

Current word count: 55,884

Bits and bobs down basically, thinking of making out a calendar plan for what I want to get done by end of the year. 329 more words


The Walking Dead

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Review: The Extinction Parade Volume 1

Written by Max Brooks

Art by Rafael Caceres

Colours by Digikore

Lettering by Kurt Hathaway

Published by Avatar

Max Brooks is Mr Zombie, the man whose work on the Zombie Survival Guide, World War Z and the various spin-offs has been directly responsible for much of the massive success of the undead juggernaut. 966 more words

Exquisite Reviews

Movie Review: World War Z

A viral outbreak causes the major cities of the world to become overrun by fast zombies, and Brad Pitt is the only man in the world who can stop them. 441 more words

Movie Review


Did I get any writing done today? No, but . . .

I finished The Maze Runner, putting me at 42/50 books read this year. With the rest of the trilogy and the Heroes of Olympus waiting, I probably don’t have to struggle with what book to read next for the rest of this year’s challenge. 117 more words


Rule #81: Ridiculously unbelievable movies

I can handle a little farfetchedness in movies from time to time. Like the scene in Boondock saints when the brothers have a shootout with their dad in the middle of the street and no one gets hit. 346 more words