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World War Z - Audiobook VS Film

This is a long post, one I wanted to write since I first created this blog, so please bare with me.

Most people know the film World War Z, but few people know it’s based on an audiobook. 677 more words

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World War Z: One of the Most Expensive Movies Ever Made- $368 Million

According to media reports, the most expensive Hollywood zombie flick is World War Z reaching a staggering figure of $400million.

The flick is based on Max Brooke’s popular detailed science fiction novel of the same name.  91 more words


World War Z (in 256 words)

I read this to get an idea on how to write an interview between two people, but this got forgotten about because World War Z is freaking addicting. 237 more words


Two Essential Items For Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse

NY Times bestselling author Max Brooks (World War Z,The Zombie Survival Guide) creates thrilling tales about the undead. Max chats with Monty about zombies and his new vampires versus zombies series, “The Extinction Parade”. 360 more words


Niet zomaar het zoveelste zombieboek

Zombies, we zijn er de afgelopen decennia mee doodgegooid. Naast vampiers zijn zombies de meest geliefde, gebruikte en misbruikte fantasywezens. Maar waar de vampier sexy is, een naam heeft en soms nauwelijks meer een bedreiging vormt, is de zombie nog altijd eng. 559 more words


Where are the readers?

I was trying to figure out how to write this blog without pissing people off – or even if I should, since it has that potential. 551 more words


Writing a Book (gyaaaaaaaa)

“Those people aren’t your friends, they’re paid to kiss your feet”

Current word count: 55,884

Bits and bobs down basically, thinking of making out a calendar plan for what I want to get done by end of the year. 329 more words