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What Google Looks at When Deciding Where to Rank Your Website

This is probably the question we get asked the most here at RWD but unfortunately there isn’t a simple answer. There are a reported 200+ ranking factors… 69 more words

World Wide Web

How to Avoid Using the Wrong Colour Scheme on Your Website

One of the biggest issues our customers face when we create a new website for them is deciding which colours they should use. It isn’t always easy knowing which colours go well together. 73 more words

World Wide Web

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is basically a website or application that is more advanced then a typical web page. This technology is used in social media websites to help us communicate with one another. 194 more words


Pada saat apa dan bagaimana komunikasi Data DNS menggunakan TCP?d

 DNS (Domain Name System) adalah sistem penerjemahan “alamat nama” ke “alamat ip”atau sebaliknya. Data DNS yg akan dikirim ketika diproses di Layer Transport (L4 OSI Model) akan dibubuhi alamat port bernomor 53 dgn metode UDP (User Datagram Protocol) atau TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), dalam kegiatan transportasi data DNS pada umumnya menggunakan UDP. 182 more words

World Wide Web

Web 2.0 Technologies and Communication

In roughly over six decades, the internet has gone through drastic changes because technology has been able to greatly improve. Today people are able to do a variety of things on the internet that their ancestors never had the capability to do. 406 more words


Searching for the Edges of the Internet - Fear upon the Final Frontier of the Weird

Tell me the internet is not the greatest invention of the last 50 years. It has opened   channels of communication enabling us to exchange vast quantities of information to pretty much anywhere in the world nigh instantaneously. 856 more words