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Help Elders Understand More: A History of the Way the Web Works

My parents and other elders often ask me questions about the Web — the way it works, how it really got started, how it’s evolved, and how why it changes so much. 313 more words

Aging Parents

WWW: Human Rights and Indigenous Language in Iberia (Northern Spain)

Continuing with this month’s theme of human rights and indigenous language, I’d like to turn to an article that came out last month in Aljazeera’s America… 513 more words

World Wide Web

Melodysheep - Just Surf The Net

MelodysheepJust Surf The Net.

It’s known as the information superhighway aka the World Wide Web aka the INTERNET! And what a glorious, impossibly vital thing the internet has become. 55 more words


The History of the Internet

I think what I found most interesting about the history of the Internet is how much the use of the Internet has developed over the years. 190 more words

1. History Of The Internet

Freedom of Speech*

                                                                       *Conditions Apply

From the proposal of the World Wide Web in 1989 to internet providers offering internet access to homes and businesses in 1991. Fast forward over 10 years later to 2003 where Myspace was the most popular social networking site, to the invention of Facebook in 2004 and Twitter in 2006.The creation of some of these social networking sites including blogs has now enabled people to express their thoughts and views unlike ever before and by even sharing videos we create ourselves through YouTube. 217 more words

1. History Of The Internet

The Platform That Does Everything For Us

Theres no doubt that the internet has made life considerably easier and more accessible to just about everyone. Whether it’s shopping for products or even food online, contacting our friends, checking the news, watching TV or finding locations; as long as we have a device with access to the internet, all of these tasks require very little activity and can be done with one hand. 259 more words

1. History Of The Internet