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Made of Mistakes but Wont think its Wrong.. what Does it want with me?

Broken parts made of broken hearts Glued back to shape with care.

Alone you wish but never there

Whos the one that never cares ? 20 more words


Remembering Windows 1.0 -- 29 years ago today.


In November of 1985, I was an editor in my first job at a tech magazine and my boss said: “Hey let’s walk over to this press conference. 438 more words


What 600 gigs of Syrian censorship logs can teach us about digital freedom

Norwegian writer Mette Newth once wrote that: “censorship has followed the free expressions of men and women like a shadow throughout history.” As we develop new means to gather and create information, new means to control, erase and censor that information evolve alongside it. 812 more words

Data, and lots of it!

While reading one of my tech mags on Flipboard I came across the following stat: “Each day the world generates 2.5 billion gigabytes of data.” That’s 1,000,000,000 + 1,000,000,000 + 5,000,000,00. 371 more words


The Web is dying; apps are killing it

“The Web — that thin veneer of human-readable design on top of the machine babble that constitutes the Internet — is dying,” Christopher Mims writes for The Wall Street Journal. 230 more words


Around the World [Wide Web] | Vol. 3

Here are a few good (some serious, some fun) reads for you to enjoy this week:

The Internet Of Things

I don’t think we realise how big and scary the World Wide Web actually is. Well, it is huge… I read an interesting fact about the earlier version of the web. 293 more words

Just Thoughts