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Frosted Frights!!

I know, I know… it seems I disappeared again! When I do I assure you it’s for good reason!! I have recently been working on a little something, with some remarkable people for Halloween!  339 more words


O what is the world coming to !!!!

Email from the SumOfUs group. SumOfUs was created to leverage the global consumer power of our 5 million members to take on multinational corporations that have gotten too big for any of us to take on alone. 398 more words

How Do We Allow Them to Report to Courts? @LBC @BBCLondon

Welcome to Community Care LiveChildren and Families

2014the biggest and best FREE event for all registered

social workers in the children and families sector* 249 more words


Now that our fair and balanced media (I’m looking at you too liberal media) whipped us into a fear frenzy about Ebola in America it has fallen to me, one of the best read, most respected, dashingly handsome, and most humble of writers, to give an honest assessment of the situation. 446 more words

The HP Sauce of it, is this Demoracy?


Let the Greens ((and Purple)) Take Part in Leaders’ Debates

To be fair to the Greens, and this blog rarely is, Guido cannot think of a single reason why they should not be allowed to take part in at least one of the leaders’ debates next year. 147 more words

Logistics. The Story Behind it All.

Logistics is the story behind everything that we see. From the computer in our office, to the bottle of water in our fridge. All products require a supply chain manager to handle not only the purchasing, production, and planning of a product, but they must also execute the transportation and distribution of the product. 176 more words