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Why are Americans obsessed with missing plane?

PERTH, Australia (AP) — From the disappearances of aviator Amelia Earhart to labor union leader Jimmy Hoffa, there’s just something about a good mystery that Americans find too tantalizing to resist. 921 more words


Trials and Tribulations

Documentary out soon about the street life in UK and how we can help to change Into a positive place to live. All it takes is for all of is to join together and work as a team. 28 more words


You Will Get Emotional: Watch Pharrell Williams Cry With Oprah

Pharrell’s “Happy” is still the number one song in the country.  His song has reached people all around the world and Pharrell believes the song has become bigger than him and bigger than he ever imagined.  100 more words


Hi everyone…

If you are reading this, we hope you are okay with most of the changes we being making on the site in the past few day, Due to the fact that we just started this website we plan on making it very unique and interesting for everyone and that also means changing the site title and some stuff, so don’t be surprise about the changes and we hope you’er okay with it.

Thanks; M.SONIE

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