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Pushing Forward

With most of the talent available, we can focus on the build to the next Pay Per View, Resolution.  The biggest angle to wrap up is obviously Rhino and Elijah Burke.   233 more words


A Hart Beats

The last show of the month came off without a hitch and confirmed that things are in the right direction as our ratings (granted, small time ratings) went up again.   277 more words


Collective Punishment and Collective Responsibility

Although the plagues that God rains down upon Pharaoh and all of the Egyptians in Parashat Vaera and Parashat Bo seem almost grotesquely farcical in their nature–blood? 919 more words


Charlie Hebdo Disgracing Again

Charlie Habdo have decide to again Astagfirullah publish Cartoons of our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.a.w on name of Freedom of speech and freedom of expression. 304 more words


A Filler Show

I’m not big on giving fans a less than good show.  I don’t necessarily mean in the ring (though that still has a standard to reach), but name value.   220 more words


Tweaks And Turns

After the Pay Per View I decided to repackage Kayotic Kyd a little bit.  We tightened the name to Kaotic and made him a little more off the wall.   202 more words


The First Pay Per View

Wild Card:

  • Elijah Burke arrives at the arena
  • Monsta Mack beat Plazma
  • Celeste cuts a pre-match interview regarding April Hunter
  • April Hunter defeats Celeste
  • A video highlighting the Newblood/Evans feud…
  • 223 more words
Pay Per View