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What the Jihadists Who Bought 'Islam For Dummies' on Amazon Tell Us About Radicalisation

Mehdi Hasan | Read More Comments and see video
Political director of The Huffington Post UK

Can you guess which books the wannabe jihadists Yusuf Sarwar and Mohammed Ahmed ordered online from Amazon before they set out from Birmingham to fight in Syria last May? 906 more words

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College: For Fresh Meat

Friday. Or in other words, the last day of my first full week back to school.

As my second – and final, year of college I’m quite happy to be back. 623 more words


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Taking on takfirism will require more than a quick fix

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The region’s conflicts have shed light on the proliferation of takfirist movements operating in the Arab world and beyond. They are a threat to the people of the region as much as they are to countries and they must be challenged. 789 more words

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Love life.

I love watching people live.
When I say live, I mean LIVE.
I love seeing time spent nonrefundable.
Fuck your favorite television show.
Tell me your favorite memory! 94 more words


A World-Wide Pursuit

Welcome to, yet another, all new series.  As you may have already seen, this little blog has recently (and is currently) being redesigned!  Along with that came a few new series. 279 more words


Robot Restaurant in Eastern China.

Located in Kunshan, eastern China, the restaurant relies on over a dozen machines for tasks such as greeting customers, waiting on tables and cooking basic meals. 299 more words