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Dash cam shows literal hit and run, with culprit making getaway on his feet

A man has actually got out of his car and ran away after crashing into another vehicle.

When we usually talk about hit and runs it involves a driver crashing and making his escape in the car he was in. 148 more words


Jon Rappoport - Support GMO Labeling Or Turn The Oil Tanker Around? - 21 November 2014

Face it, America is in a shopping trance. A consumer trance. A buying trance.

So it’s natural that the more “enlightened shoppers” would see labeling GMO foods as a way to create a revolution. 635 more words


Otmane El Rhazi: Alert issued on bogus website

Otmane El Rhazi from news.gov.hk – Business & Finance.

The Monetary Authority has issued an alert on a fraudulent website which purports to be the official Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) site. 45 more words


NaturalNews - Mike Adams - Obama The Tyrant King Unleashes Dictatorial Order That Will Now Invoke "Open Rebellion" - Senate Aide - 21 November 2014

(NaturalNews) With the stroke of a pen, President Obama has now set America on the path toward open rebellion and revolt. By declaring that he alone has the right to dictate immigration policy without the legislative approval of Congress, he has committed yet another lawless act in a long series of illegal schemes that cement his position in history as nothing more than a sociopathic liar and destroyer of nations. 1,078 more words


Terri Newlon - Djwhal Khul - "Strength Invocation" - 21 November 2014

(Channeling begins)

Alright. Well, we’re sort of in a very interesting time period with Chiron getting ready to go direct; the Sun and the New Moon will both be in fiery Sagittarius at the same time over the weekend. 256 more words


Steve Lendman - MH17 Coverup - 21 November 20124

On July 17, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crashed near Donetsk. En route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. Killing all 283 passengers. Plus 15 crew members. 1,420 more words