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WorldCon Panel: "We Have to Talk About TED" #loncon3 #worldcon

Sorry for the belated report, I’ve been catching up and a little unwell. I was lucky enough to participate in a panel entitled “We Need To Talk About TED”, which was chaired by Chad Orzel and featured (in programme order) Dr Sarah Dillon, Andrea Phillips, Vanessa Harden, and me! 1,347 more words


Loncon3 Wrap-up and Picspam

We’ve been home for almost a week and the planet’s still kind of spinning. I’m going to press on and try to capture a bit of Loncon3, filling in with shiny photos when I can’t find the words. 1,845 more words


And Thus Went London

In truth, I should say London, Cardiff and Edinburgh. But for this, my journal of things writerly and creative, I’m going to focus on two areas: Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival, and LonCon3. 1,087 more words

General Thoughts

Notes from Loncon 3: The perfect sentence

You Write Pretty

Geoff Ryman (no show), Greer Gilman, Frances Hardinge, Christopher Priest, E J Swift

This panel was a fun one. Four authors proposed their favourite sentence from a fantastical work and defended it to the audience and the rest of the panel. 567 more words


I went to Worldcon


I went to Worldcon for one day – Saturday – so this will be a snapshot.

The last Worldcon I visited was Intervention at Glasgow in 2005, when I attended the entire con. 758 more words

Speculative Fiction

Notes from Loncon 3: Of interest to a British writer

This year I went to my first convention: the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention. I went to a lot of panels, a LOT of panels. And I took a lot of notes. 1,103 more words