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The terrorized female

According to me terrorism is defined as,
“The unsanctioned unlawful use of mental and physical assault or intimidation to create disturbance and disorder for a particular community or specific group of people.” 443 more words


Thoughts & Theories

A while back I happened to come across a quote that ignited some thought within me .

Just look at us.Everything is backwards, everything is upside down.

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You have forgotten Syria! Haven't you?

Hey there!

In all the discussion over the cruel and inhuman things happening in gaza strip and palestine, news channels have forgotten to show what’s happening in Syria. 434 more words


Updates as of 17th July, '14

A lot’s happened since I last posted here. Job switches, travel, treks, books, cycle rides, engagement, accidents, and so on. I’ve been uploading quite a few photographs in my Flickr account and keep my Goodreads profile more or less up-to-date. 939 more words

Worldly Matters

Chapter 11: The Waning Dusk (series)

Myth: People will think I’ve gone bananas

(Yes, they will think that but they’ve got others on the radar to label bananas too. So, you’ll soon be last season.) 525 more words