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The Thing About 'The Thing'

Mockingbird posted the third installment of our Halloween series today with my essay and Blake’s righteous follow-up on John Carpenter’s The Thing. Blake’s addendum is beautiful and rides the wavelength to gracious, Christ-centered, chief end of man fulfilling vistas in all the ways I wish… 13 more words


Of Squandered Birthrights and a House Divided


It was a hot day, and the young man, elder of a set of twins, came tramping back into camp after an exhausting hunt. He saw that his younger brother was cooking a stew that at the moment seemed to be the greatest thing the older brother could think of. 2,737 more words


E-Book Review of William Lane Craig's "Does God Exist?"

A Compelling Case For The Existence of God

E-Book Review By David P. Craig

Just because this e-book is short (approximately 60 pages) does not mean that it is simplistic or not weighty. 853 more words

Book Reviews

"Immovable" by Tim Riordan

I am honored to have Dr. Tim Riordan as a “guest blogger” today. Dr. Riordan serves as pastor of SonRise Baptist Church in Newnan, Georgia ( 739 more words


Vacation is over

I was traveling, but now I am back home, and it is time for blogging to resume. I think I might stop the poetry for a little while, as I want to focus on other pursuits. 231 more words

Site Update

#OctPoWriMo 20 - Writer's Block

My mind is empty
Creativity has burned out
So throw in some ideas
Give out a shout

I’m floundering in my workroom
Sorting through old words… 132 more words