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The Labyrinth of Love

You… Your life, your personality, your past – all these things define you as a human being. Everyday you perceive the world with your senses, you make thousands of memories. 145 more words


The Importance of Worldview Thinking

“As usual in metaphysics, you can’t just sort of approach it as a buffet.  You can’t just pick this and choose that.  There’s interconnections.  So, if you pick this theory about time, well that has implications for other topics in metaphysics. 

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General Presup Issues

The words of Bukowski

In a great musical piece from Fanu.

A Finnish guy that does incredibly good music, if you like chilled breaks and such, like me… 67 more words


Words are not enough

Some things can not be said


Does it ever occur?








Sure something transpires

But is true communication?

What is true communication? 214 more words


Eleventh Week PhD: Advanced Study and Research

Hello fellow bloggers and blog readers! This is my eleventh week in the PhD program and my respite is over. This semester will be long, but in the end it will be worth the many hours of discussion, reading, writing, and researching. 621 more words


Book Review: "Total Truth" by Nancy Pearcey

Nancy Pearcey’s Total Truth is dedicated to bringing Christianity into every realm of knowledge rather than relegating it to the outskirts. That is, Christianity is to be seen as “total truth,” applicable to every aspect of reality. 1,594 more words


It's all about...


It’s the cure

It’s the answer

The source

The beginning

and the end

Yet neverending

Yes, everlasting

Let it fill you

Let it go… 36 more words