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They're Dragging a Body Through the Street

The following is an excerpt from my book in work titled One of the Few: A Marine Fighter Pilot’s Reconnaissance of the Christian Worldview. Click here if you would like to receive updates about this project. 68 more words


“Let an ideology be tested not only by word, but by practice, to prove the validity of its claims.”

-Shayne Mason Vincent-


Opinion: Geldof - an activist rather than a strategist

I had mixed mixed emotions when I heard that Bob Geldof was bringing back Band Aid’s Do They Know Its Christmas? for the fourth time. 327 more words



Beauty is important.  More specifically, being beautiful is important.  More accurately, being beautiful in the correct way is important. Beauty creates influence.  Everyone wants to be beautiful in some way, or have something beautiful or create something beautiful.  421 more words



What makes a violent religion dangerous is not just it’s barbarity but it’s intolerant worldview

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Truth Matters

We live in an Age of Information. With the swift click of a few keys, we have instant access to endless articles, news reports, books, TV shows, movies, and documented opinions on any possible subject in existence. 822 more words


One Nation Under . . . ? | Answers in Genesis

At one time in the past, the people of the United States generally knew who ruled over the affairs of men—the Creator God of the Bible. 138 more words