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How Long Can You Live Without Water?

How long can you live without water? I asked this question several years ago while caught up in a moment of fitness zeal. During one of my cyclical attempts to adopt a new food lifestyle to compliment a new workout routine, I read a book called… 254 more words


Christianity and Hollywood

I haven’t seen Noah or Son of Man. (I may eventually. I can honestly do with or without them). I have, however, observed Christians reacting to these movies, and I’m always a little disappointed at the stock that Christians put in these movies. 356 more words


“Glory, glory, glory to God Almighty, who showed us truth and gave His Son for that same truth. Words do not describe the words I have for the Savior!

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The Hurts of Being Open

This post is specifically about being open to Love(s), but can apply to many things in life – moving to a new city, starting a new job, etc. 312 more words


Rethinking the left-right spectrum

Centrist, centre-left, centre-right, far-left, far-right. These are all political terms that get constantly thrown around and that bear different definitions depending on the national context in which they’re used. 1,268 more words

You Can Choose a Better Reality

At lunch today, a friend asserted some opinions about parenting and romantic relationships that, based upon his experiences and observations, he regarded as absolutes.

I disagreed, informing him that my experiences were the direct opposite of his. 834 more words

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“We were the most despicable people at that time. We had abandoned Him and left Him to evil. We were embarrassed and ashamed. We dare not show our faces even to God.

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