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Just 5 Minutes?

This is a question I seem to be asking constantly of late. “Can I have just 5 minutes by myself?”  or “Can you two get along for just 5 minutes together?” 120 more words


Note To LCC - Is It Wrong to be a People Pleaser?

Dear Friends and Family of LCC,

I have always somewhat struggled with being a people pleaser.  It still creeps into my mind occasionally.  Though not as bad now as when I was young. 277 more words


Thought Snack: The Beginning of Space and Time

“Space and time had a beginning. While some theorists continue to propose models without a space-time beginning, these models invoke conditions that would not allow physical life to exist. 183 more words

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The Ironic Tyranny of Individualism

“The modern theory, which has swept away every authority except that of the State, and has made the sovereign power irresistible by multiplying those who share it….condemns as a State within a State every inner group and community, class or corporation, administering its own affairs; and, by proclaiming the abolition of privileges, it emancipates the subjects of every such authority in order to transfer them exclusively to its own… 47 more words

Kingdom & Culture

Up where I live, we just experienced a severe thunderstorm and lost power. As I write this, we still don’t have power but we are running off a generator.

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Daily Devotion July 24, 2014

I had an awesome time at church last night. We worshipped and praised God and it was exactly where i needed to be. I was a little down as I usually am on July 23 for reasons I wrote about yesterday and church was where I needed to be to uplift my spirit. 187 more words


Celebrating Cultural Differences

Preparing your family to have a welcoming attitude towards cultural differences can begin within your home. You don’t even have to leave home to celebrate unfamiliar customs. 235 more words