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How Many Circles? How Many Circles?

I had a professor who spoke of the one circle man and the two circle man. He would draw a circle on the chalkboard for the one circle man, and two circles that overlapped a bit for the two circle man. 429 more words

Some Holy Week thoughts and provocations

Ongoing writing means lack of ongoing blogging, as ever. But the end is in sight. On the home straight for getting full draft editor by 1st Jun. 285 more words


God-loving With Your Mind

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I am guilty of being a little intellectually lazy. I tend to have my best ruminations after reading either a book, or a blog, listening to a sermon by my pastor, or maybe after listening to a podcast. 448 more words


Ambler, No. 8 [On Saying Something]

I am not so lost in lexicography as to forget that words are the daughters of earth, and that things are the sons of heaven. — Dr.

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GK Chesterton

Abortion and Worldviews

Pro-life vs. Pro-choice. A debate that Americans have dealt with since Roe v. Wade in 1973. A debate that forces a decision…a tough decision…but there must be a decision. 974 more words

Mozilla Firefox Boycott: Why Would Anyone Use a Browser That Is Anti-Free Speech?

It is hard to trust Mozilla Firefox with my browsing activities.  They seem to have taken sides in the culture wars in a very mean and personal way, and that takes away my trust. 386 more words


Recovery in the Media. #43. Twelve Angry Men

43. Twelve Angry Men

When my professor first announced that we were watching Twelve Angry Men to analyze how to prove a point, I started worrying. 604 more words