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Are you paying too much attention to news?

Food for thought.

Kevin DeYoung:

Sommerville’s main point is not the news is dumb, but that we are dumb for paying so much attention to it (11).

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That's Life

Interpreting the World is Seeing the World

Continuing today’s philosophical musings -

“Study reveals individual neurons in the human brain are triggered by the subject’s conscious perception, rather than by the visual stimulus.” ( 142 more words


Philosophy and Capitalism Intersect

Interesting writing  bringing a bit of emphasis on the importance of taking the liberal arts, particularly philosophy, out of the ivory tower…



(How to Stop the Pain -3) God of your own world?

One of the main ways that humans usurp God’s role is in the area of judging the heart motives of others.

There is a good indication that before sin entered our world that humans simply stayed clear away from this speculative sinking sand.   521 more words

Christian Living

Church Planting: Indigenous & Foreign Seeds

Indigenous, Insiders, Locals, Nationals… these terms refer to the critical resource of those people within a particular target context. Indigenous seeds are able to account for and either benefit from or are able to grow despite of their particular contexts. 707 more words

God & His Glory

Reason alone is incapable of rationally justifying its own existence

People are committed to basic beliefs (called presuppositions) which they have not necessarily proven, and yet they interpret all of reality in terms of those presuppositions. 1,305 more words


Universe of the magical showtime

The celestial stars danced to their eternity. The one that looked furthest away was in factual basis looking closely. Their own planets detested their existence but the comets let them connect carrying the majestic confluences of the concrete. 311 more words