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In Interest of a Higher Religious Debate

In Interest of a Higher Religious Debate

        the strawman fallacy:

You misrepresent someone’s argument to make it easier to attack.

(Or: I don’t believe in the God you don’t believe in either) 3,083 more words

The drive must be crazy

Strange this world is, there is mystery, there is suspense, where the roads do not diverge but go on to an endless drive that never ends. 310 more words



I’ll never be able to commit myself to one neatly-packaged worldview that I can explain with ease, but here is a tiny list of labels for groups that have made marks on my perspective over time. 150 more words

Worldviews: Part 1- Fundamental Issues

Chapter 1: Worldviews

DeWitt introduces the concept of a worldview, which is more an interlocking set of beliefs than a list. He also stresses that even though each person has a different worldview, he is using the word more broadly to characterize similar sets of beliefs, like the Aristotelian or Newtonian worldview. 1,734 more words


Sound as cinema

The formal system of Raga Yaman is constituted of both the ascending and descending scales. The scale is represented by:

Sa Ri Ga ma Pa Dha Ni… 2,077 more words


Permitting music to cross all boundaries

The manner in which airport officials have treated the issue of Ustad Amjad Ali Khan’s sarod being misplaced during his return flight from London to Delhi raises an alarm for government officials in our country and other concerned authorities in India to challenge the casualness with which the transportation of Indian instruments is dealt with worldwide. 558 more words


"The Myth of Empty Space" by Dallas Willard

I was at my extended family’s house yesterday and saw Dallas Willard’s The Divine Conspiracy on a side table. It is a bookish home, and I’m a bookish person, so I’m often flipping over books and picking up where people leave off. 1,003 more words

C.S. Lewis