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A Moral Tectonic Shift

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“Biblical theology is absolutely indispensable for the church to craft an appropriate response to the current sexual crisis.

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Video: The Islamic State (Vice News Documentary)

In response to the utter deceit from our president about ISIS not being Islamic, you can see for yourself just how “un-Islamic” they are. The truth be told, this is Islam at is purest and as it was originally taught by Mohammed himself.

Current Events

Personal Reflections on the Contexts Surrounding an Orisa Feast - Class Assignment 2010

The first note I will make concerns the immediate context of the Orisa feast i.e. the reason for the feast. The feast that we attended was part of an annual ritual week of feasts (Ebo) as opposed to a feast offered as intercession for a particular need or desire. 732 more words

The Christian Teeter-Totter

In this week’s reading, Moreland introduces the reader to the discipline of logic. I call the activity of thinking logically a discipline because it requires great practice, focus, and of course discipline to carry out effectively. 590 more words


A Conversation With an Unbeliever

The following conversation is inspired by true events — mostly conversations with unbelievers on Facebook. It’s not representative of any single person, but it’s a combination of many different conversations distilled into one that’s representative of the general content of the unbeliever’s arguments and reasoning process.  5,078 more words


Idea of the apocalypse

Who knew that the apocalypse would suffice eternity through the mere treatises, the ones that claim to have proved it define their existence and the ones that claim it to be true prove to be struggling with its existence. 263 more words


Recommended Reading: September 6-12

If you only read one article this week, read America Under Cultural Dhimmitude by Rod Dreher

There are lots of other article worth your read as well, broadly categorized below. 176 more words

History Of Christianity