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Anthropology of a Worldview

James Sire presents an interesting concept in chapter six; he mentions in passing, the effects of a worldview on a people group. He illustrates a Hindu family from India vs. 843 more words


A Romantic Love Story

We have seen it in the movies, read about it in books, seen it in real life and maybe have even experienced it. We are designed to love. 251 more words


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Theology and Religion

Tips for Discerning Religions by David Inczauskis… 109 more words


Enneagram at TruFit Nov 2

Wouldn’t anybody in their right mind do as I do?
And that’s the source of many conflicts.
Discover the 9 “right minds,” (9 personality styles) 39 more words

Self Healing

Meet Mr Smith - The League

Sorry for the delay – I had a family emergency (nothing bad though!) and was needed to keep the show running at my aunt’s house. It’s over now, so I’ll get back on track asap! 608 more words

Christian Lifestyle

Why Non-Christian Philosophy is Broken

by Vern Poythress

To many people, the mention of “philosophy” brings up an image of gray-haired intellectuals endlessly debating irrelevancies. There is some truth in this image, especially the part about the endless debate. 607 more words


Recommended Reading: October 4-10

If you only read one article this week, engage The Bible Tells Me So by Peter Leithart

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