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an introduction to vermicomposting

If you had told me even six months ago that I would be emotionally attached to a bucket full of worms sitting underneath my husband’s desk, I would have told you where to shove it. 824 more words


I Want to Compost Too!

I live in Montreal, and I love it. It’s a cosmopolitan city with an environmentally conscious population, but its waste management practices are in desperate need of an overhaul. 142 more words

Apartment Composting

Vermicomposting Down My Carbon Footprint

This is my worm bin. I wanted to reduce my carbon footprint through composting, but conventional methods were out of the question because I live in an apartment.  45 more words

Apartment Composting

Red Wiggler Bins and Eggs

What a busy fall it’s been – I have certainly overextended myself, once again, and am taxing my time management skills! But despite my deepest wish for more hours in a day, my worms are a priority that never gets put on the back burner. 771 more words

Vermicomposting Coming to Regina Schools

When I was in elementary school I remember learning about the basic principles of biodegradability, soil science, resource conservation, and recycling, as well as how nature recycles via the life cycle: life, death, decay, and re-birth. 481 more words

How to Compost with Worms (Vermicomposting)

Now that the summer is over and the winter season is approaching, Green Guerrilla would like to share how you can start composting over the winter months indoors… and with worms! 1,278 more words