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Wonderful World of Worms

Aristotle once expressed a vital observation, saying “Worms are the intestines of the Earth.”

Consider for a moment the soil we walk on. It appears a solid mass. 645 more words


I Love A Good Worm, Part 2

Mark your calendars! Los Angelenos, if you want to begin composting, here is an upcoming event that will get you started:



I Love a Good Worm

Worm poop is the best. I’ve been vermicomposting now for about seven years. I would love a larger compost bin, perhaps a tumbler, but we live in a condo and space is limited (no back yard!). 597 more words

What My Vermi-Pets Left Behind

Just a little update on my Vermi-Pets.
While further tending to them this morning, I found a little something they left behind after eating my old scrub… this is evidence that Cherokee uses 100% cotton fabric! 8 more words

Pets And Pests


Yes, Vermi-Pets got their calcium supplement today! I’m not sure if the “building strong bones & teeth” cliché applies to them, but they sure are ferocious eaters of food I provide… and I do provide, apart from the usual, banana peel, rotten veggies, coffee grounds, etc ~ worm delicacies like paper napkins & cotton t-shirts. 73 more words

Pets And Pests

Worm Bin Composting: Harvesting the Worm Bin

I have a Worm Factory worm bin inside my house. Actually it is in my dining room right next to our dining room table so if you have even eaten at my house you are sharing a meal with hundreds of worms too. 479 more words