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Worms To Classrooms

We love our worms. They are the VIPs of Carter’s Compost. They eat kitchen scraps day in – day out and never complain.

We have a lot of worms. 298 more words

Opening Up A Can of Worms...

Today’s fun project: making a worm composting bin.  It’s definitely not my original idea – I saw this on this Internet and figured I’d try it out for myself.   509 more words

Wonderful World of Worms

Aristotle once expressed a vital observation, saying “Worms are the intestines of the Earth.”

Consider for a moment the soil we walk on. It appears a solid mass. 645 more words


I Love A Good Worm, Part 2

Mark your calendars! Los Angelenos, if you want to begin composting, here is an upcoming event that will get you started:



I Love a Good Worm

Worm poop is the best. I’ve been vermicomposting now for about seven years. I would love a larger compost bin, perhaps a tumbler, but we live in a condo and space is limited (no back yard!). 597 more words

What My Vermi-Pets Left Behind

Just a little update on my Vermi-Pets.
While further tending to them this morning, I found a little something they left behind after eating my old scrub… this is evidence that Cherokee uses 100% cotton fabric! 8 more words

Pets And Pests


Yes, Vermi-Pets got their calcium supplement today! I’m not sure if the “building strong bones & teeth” cliché applies to them, but they sure are ferocious eaters of food I provide… and I do provide, apart from the usual, banana peel, rotten veggies, coffee grounds, etc ~ worm delicacies like paper napkins & cotton t-shirts. 73 more words

Pets And Pests