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My Aching Back

I spent a good part of the yesterday making Mel’s Mix.  It is not that easy and I understand why many people skip steps along the way. 301 more words

New to vermicast, a quick summary to get you started.

Why use vermicast?

The most basic and most crucial of all questions.

Vermicast has the ability to both fertilize and rehabilitate your soil.

Chemical fertilizers provide food for you trees or plants but provide little in the line of maintaining the health of your plants and soil. 383 more words

Davley Organics

Benefits of Vermicast in point form.


Benefits of Vermicast in point form.


Biota – Micro-organisms beneficial to the soil.

Cationic Exchange Rate – Exchange rate at which trace elements (cationic = positive) are attracted to vegetative matter (anionic = negative). 750 more words

Davley Organics

Vermicomposting is it for you?

I started raising red wigglers in 2012 and am so happy with the results. I would have never imagined that I would be known as the worm lady, but here I am! 139 more words


LIVE Store!

The Propagation Station’s online outlet is now up and running at http://www.circleHwormranch.com. Head over, check ‘em out, and let ‘em know who sent ya. Be sure to leave some feedback on products that you have used a time or two in order to become eligible for future discounts. 78 more words

Happy as a worm in manure

Lombricompost is  a disgustingly awesome process by which worms chew through manure and leave behind rich worm castings, excellent organic compost for vegetables .  At Rancho Margot, the cow poo washes in channels down from the… 283 more words


The Mighty Earthworm

Let’s Talk: Earthworms

Mention earthworms to most non-gardening individuals and they probably think of the slimy creatures in the mud, the children’s song “Nobody Likes Me” or fish bait.  419 more words

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