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Easter Egg Seedlings

I was cracking eggs for breakfast burritos. Two of the eggs cracked perfectly. It dawned on me, “What a nice little pot to plant seeds in!” 231 more words

Fort Collins


Most people think worms are nasty, creepy, and feel weird. Before we started Vermi-composting we kind of thought this same thing. We always knew that worms were a necessity but we never really bothered to go deeper until recently. 556 more words


Happy as a worm in manure

Lombricompost is  a disgustingly awesome process by which worms chew through manure and leave behind rich worm castings, excellent organic compost for vegetables .  At Rancho Margot, the cow poo washes in channels down from the… 283 more words


Serve your garden a warm cup of worm tea

When harvesting my first batch of vermipost last year, I noticed a dark brown juice sitting at the bottom of my worm bin. This was of course due to me following the key rule of the almighty worm composting bible – always keep your bin moist. 671 more words