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Tonight's Foyer Feast

Tonight’s harvest harvest is a bit exciting as it all came from the ‘new’ East Side Strip! 187 more words

The Flats

The 'Chillin' Chillies

A few weeks ago, I planted 6 different types of Chillies into a seed tray to go on the warming mat. 66 more words

The Flats

Trudy \\ Building a Colony; Tackling Worm Farming

I have recently become a pet owner … I am very proud to be the owner of 1200 worms. Not only are they great company to keep, they are also efficient decomposers of my kitchen waste. 712 more words

Pizza, Timing, and Mulch

I bought this delicious gluten-free pizza~ unfortunately for me…no gluten :(   ~and popped it in my always faithful toaster oven. (These table top ovens are great for smaller meals and save on heating!) Unfortunately, I didn’t use a timer. 541 more words


The Carnage :-(

We are having the west side fence replaced. … 91 more words

The Flats

The Kiddy Corner

I raise lots of seeds and cutting inside, some on a heat mat… but when its time to go outside, the all ‘harden off’ in the Kiddy Corner:

The Flats