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Worm Farms, Bokashi Bins and Compost Bins all Working Together

Yes if space is not an issue, why not to have them all? Sure if you live in an apartment or have limited space, you probably won’t want a compost bin… 294 more words

Worm Farm

Worm Farm

Katya and Chad took advantage of the warm weather on Saturday to build, of all things, a worm farm!

This isn’t such unusual behavior from Chad, who never to my recollection has had a horror of worms, and since his toddling days has helped dig worms; but Katya is our fearer of “all creatures great and small”, and so this was quite revolutionary!   201 more words


Worm Farms, Bokashi Bins, Compost and Worm Tunnels

Worm farms and bokashi bins were my chosen method for recycling our household kitchen organic waste, when living in the city. (Check out the numerous posts on this subject – look through my post categories.) 319 more words


Solving my worm farm woes

Last year it really started to bother me that a goldmine of nutrients and potential rich soil was going into my garbage bin every day. I looked at my options, basically it came down to: 571 more words


Thinking Spring

Spring is right around the corner. We’re celebrating with our fans by offering new savings & FREE SHIPPING on most orders. To help all of our friends and farmers get their projects ready for spring this year, we’ve made some updates to our… 78 more words

Week 11 - Start a Worm Farm

Starting a worm farm is a simple action you can take towards sustainability and its heaps of fun!!
You can use your kitchen scraps to feed worms, produce incredible worm compost for the garden and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. 438 more words

Waste & Recycling

Worm Farm, Vermicomposting

The basics of keeping a worm farm are easy. Explaining why you would want to have one is a little harder to justify to people, particularly family members. 646 more words