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Worry - Should we worry about it?

Worry can really consume us sometimes, stealing our joy and challenging our faith. It can also make you physically sick. Let’s look at a portion of Matthew 6 where Jesus talks about worry. 877 more words

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“Scared? Pray.
Over thinking? Pray.
Losing hope? Pray.
Worried? Pray.
Struggling? Pray.”

Pray and Trust in God. Please Retweet.

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April Sunday Scripture Reflection - Seek What Is Above!

The Resurrection is a profound “Heaven on Earth” experience which ignited the hearts of the apostles and can ignite our hearts as well.   Jesus, through his Resurrection, has the power to transform us, if we open ourselves up to his transforming power. 528 more words

Monthly Sunday Scripture Reflections

thrown into neuro

major stuff happened over the past few days. my lil bro got admitted in the hospital, bc of headaches and dizziness. after 3 times visiting the hospy within 4 days, my mom was hard on those docs to find out what was causing these headaches, dizziness, and unstability. 869 more words

Changed and Transformed

As I thought about the list of things I wanted to accomplish over the next few months, my body was consumed with stress.  It’s a personal demon I’ve struggled against my entire life, and often when I think I’ve rid myself of him he pounces me in a corner when I’m least expecting it.   463 more words


April 24, 1994 - Sunday - 10:33 p.m.

I feel sort of stupid.  When we came into church this morning, Jenna and Tenielle were there.  I questioned Jenna about it and she said it was just something Tenielle said, but that it wasn’t true.   90 more words

Are You Unexpectedly Pregnant?

SOURCE:  JoHannah Reardon

Are You Unexpectedly Pregnant?

Find courage in knowing this didn’t take God by surprise

Brandon and Aimee* were in crisis. The couple had met when Brandon was in the military and married during one of his furloughs. 1,183 more words