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Beauty of the Breath

There’s a beauty to the breath. It’s very essence is what keeps us present. During times of stress, worry, impatience or any unwanted feeling we can return to our meditation. 43 more words

The Constant Ocean

Looking at the sea is a little like gazing at the night time stars. It really makes you feel small in the scale of things. 61 more words

It Is Finished

I have been here
The sight and the smell

Intoxicate, and fuck with my head

One step too far,
I am nearing death

As I loose all the things, I held in… 9 more words

Dark Poetry

Numbed Census

I am no one’s priority
No fuck in their sorority

I am a candle that drips
Until the light is extinguished

They hide from
The December I bring… 27 more words

Dark Poetry

Subterranean Skin

Crawl under my fucking skin
Like caverns

By men who wanted
More than they could hope to earn

Swim through my blood
Like an ocean of victims… 47 more words

Dark Poetry


There are moments in life where it seems like everything is going to fast that, spinning so quickly, that I suddenly stop and realize that you have a death grip on the wheel of life, white knuckled with baited breath as I try to regain control. 693 more words