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Arrows, Anchors, Cords, and Treasures

God Almighty,

Spins the world,

In motion.

You hold,

The day.

You hold,


Of life.

And You beckon me near,

To know You.

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Posts from our Pastor: Looking Toward Sunday

I had a wonderful conversation this week with someone about how our reading of the Bible – as children especially – can become disfigured when we linger over certain details in stories and miss or ignore others. 421 more words


Posts from our Pastor: Looking Toward Sunday

I have loved this woman for a long time. She came to the well in the heat of the noon hour when others in her Samaritan village stayed out of the sun. 900 more words


Posts from our Pastor: The Power of Words

The Power of Words    

When the Apostle Paul wrote the letter to the churches in Rome around the year 58, he was addressing multiple communities likely made up of Christian Jews and Christian Gentiles, who often met separately. 1,033 more words


Questions on Modern Worship

Worship is surrendering oneself to the Lord and praising him in all things. It is living one’s life as unto God in thoughts, words, and deeds. 412 more words


Why is God ignoring me?!

Have you ever felt like God was ignoring you or have you struggled to hear God’s voice? For anyone who has ever needed direction or comfort, I’m sure you’ve felt this way at one point or another. 823 more words