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IMDb Bottom 100: Foodfight!


It is astounding that the movie “Foodfight!” was ever completed. An entire decade went by between the start of the project and the much delayed release, which is unfathomable for a movie with such low quality. 721 more words


IMDb Bottom 100: Surf School

Surf School

“Surf School” is a bad movie with no redeeming value that should never be watched by anyone. It is a comedy without any sense of timing, or, for that matter, humor. 630 more words


IMDb Bottom 100: Robocop 3

Robocop 3

“Robocop 3″ should have been scrapped (or at least delayed) before a single frame was shot. Despite some really good cast additions and the long awaited on-screen implementation of OCP’s Delta City, there were too many floundering elements behind the scenes that doomed “Robocop 3″ for failure. 846 more words


IMDb Bottom 100: Bratz: The Movie

Bratz: The Movie

This is not a good movie. I would go so far as to say that “Bratz” is about as detached from reality as any movie I have ever seen. 548 more words


IMDb Bottom 100: R.O.T.O.R.


You should probably just stop reading this review and start watching “R.O.T.O.R.”

This is a very recent addition to the IMDb Bottom 100, and I have to claim some small bit of credit for that. 1,008 more words


IMDb Bottom 100: Simon Sez

Simon Sez

The world would be a much finer place if Dane Cook had never gotten an acting job. “Simon Sez” features one of his earliest and largest movie roles. 417 more words


IMDb Bottom 100: Jaws 3-D

Jaws 3-D

Over the years, I had somehow forgotten how bad “Jaws 3-D” is. It isn’t just a mediocre sequel to a treasured movie that doesn’t live up to its potential (I’ll get to “Robocop 3″ soon), it is an abysmal, lazy, and gimmicky film. 603 more words