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IMDb Bottom 100: Demon Island

Demon Island / Survival Island

If someone told me that there was a really bad killer pinata movie out there, I would not be surprised. However, the movie I would picture would not be anything like “Demon Island”. 739 more words


IMDb Bottom 100: Eegah


“Eegah” is, in my opinion, the epitome of the early 60s B-movie. There is a simple monster, unnecessary musical numbers, horrible voice-over, and nothing that approaches any sort of artistic depth. 509 more words


IMDb Bottom 100: Highlander 2

Highlander 2: The Quickening

I don’t remember how exactly it happened, but I got into the “Highlander” movies when I was pretty young. I distinctly remember having all of the movies on VHS, including the ones that tied into the (in my opinion) not-so-great television series. 1,269 more words


IMDb Bottom 100: The Mangler

The Mangler

“The Mangler” is a movie about a laundry folding machine that becomes possessed by a demon during a collision with an ice box, after which it goes on a killing spree. 308 more words


IMDb Bottom 100: On Deadly Ground

On Deadly Ground

“On Deadly Ground” is a grand tale of the many loves of Steven Seagal: explosions, tasseled clothing, wanton murder, the environment, fighting bears, and bad film-making. 744 more words


IMDb Bottom 100: Foodfight!


It is astounding that the movie “Foodfight!” was ever completed. An entire decade went by between the start of the project and the much delayed release, which is unfathomable for a movie with such low quality. 721 more words


IMDb Bottom 100: Surf School

Surf School

“Surf School” is a bad movie with no redeeming value that should never be watched by anyone. It is a comedy without any sense of timing, or, for that matter, humor. 630 more words