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IMDb Bottom 100: Miss Castaway and the Island Girls

Miss Castaway and the Island Girls

I admittedly did no research ahead of watching “Miss Castaway and the Island Girls” for the first time, so I wasn’t quite sure of what to expect going in. 650 more words


IMDb Bottom 100: The Hillz

The Hillz

“The Hillz” has been perhaps my least favorite film from the IMDb Bottom 100 thus far. It isn’t the worst of the list (though it is certainly high up there) in terms of film-making incompetence, but the writing, dialogue, and general tone of the film are all incredibly revolting. 668 more words


IMDb Bottom 100: Torque


“Torque” is basically a “Fast and the Furious” movie with all of the dials turned up to 11, and with motorcycles instead of cars. That pretty much covers the basic summary of this movie. 644 more words


IMDb Bottom 100: McHale's Navy

McHale’s Navy

Watching “McHale’s Navy” gave me a whole lot of flashbacks to “Car 54, Where Are You?”: A television show treasured by an older generation is remade as a film with new actors and a new direction to lure in the younger folks, and the result is something that no one enjoys and doesn’t manage to be funny for anyone.   655 more words


"LUCY" - As The Protagonist Gets Smarter, The Film Gets Dumber

Writer/Director Luc Besson’s Lucy, where Scarlett Johansson plays a woman who becomes able to play god with a scientifically enhanced brain, is so dumb it’s actually kind of brilliant. 987 more words


IMDb Bottom 100: The Creeping Terror

The Creeping Terror

Ah, “The Creeping Terror”. This movie has to have one of the worst monsters in cinema history, and that is really saying something. 449 more words


Why Project X is Awful

A rant by Avery Hinks.

So a couple years ago, a movie came out called Project X.

This movie is about a group of teenage boys who want to throw the best high school party ever before they graduate. 1,199 more words