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IMDb Bottom 100: Horrors of Spider Island

Horrors of Spider Island / Body in the Web

Here’s another IMDb Bottom 100 entry with a whole lot of alternate titles. Most commonly called “Horrors of Spider Island”, it also shows up under anglicized versions of the original German title (“Body in the Web” usually). 535 more words


IMDb Bottom 100: Invasion of the Neptune Men

Invasion of the Neptune Men

I honestly can’t tell the difference between “Invasion of the Neptune Men” and fellow IMDb Bottom 100 and Mystery Science Theater 3000 feature “Prince of Space”. 438 more words


IMDb Bottom 100: Demon Island

Demon Island / Survival Island

If someone told me that there was a really bad killer pinata movie out there, I would not be surprised. However, the movie I would picture would not be anything like “Demon Island”. 739 more words


IMDb Bottom 100: Eegah


“Eegah” is, in my opinion, the epitome of the early 60s B-movie. There is a simple monster, unnecessary musical numbers, horrible voice-over, and nothing that approaches any sort of artistic depth. 509 more words


IMDb Bottom 100: Highlander 2

Highlander 2: The Quickening

I don’t remember how exactly it happened, but I got into the “Highlander” movies when I was pretty young. I distinctly remember having all of the movies on VHS, including the ones that tied into the (in my opinion) not-so-great television series. 1,269 more words


IMDb Bottom 100: The Mangler

The Mangler

“The Mangler” is a movie about a laundry folding machine that becomes possessed by a demon during a collision with an ice box, after which it goes on a killing spree. 308 more words


IMDb Bottom 100: On Deadly Ground

On Deadly Ground

“On Deadly Ground” is a grand tale of the many loves of Steven Seagal: explosions, tasseled clothing, wanton murder, the environment, fighting bears, and bad film-making. 744 more words