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I love myself when I am myself

“I love people when I love them for being people, and not for being young or old or beautiful or hip. I wish I could love what man has built just because man has built it: streets, telephone poles, buildings, cars… 524 more words

If you are woman, you are wonderful

One. Do not try and be older before you have been young.

Two. Be true. Don’t spend time reading magazines that fill half their pages with how to lose all that weight to be a better you, and the other half trying to convince you that you already are. 566 more words


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Beautifully written.

Your Worth Is In The Blood

In today’s time, we are merely measured by what we do and accomplished. When we work, our closed deals define us. When we study, our grades makes us highly acceptable. 150 more words


As It Sits

Passing a used car lot, I see something that attracts my attention. It turns out to be a 1981 Jeep Scrambler. So I pull in. 312 more words

The Value Of Life

Numbers and worth

I suppose I just wanted

to feel like I counted for more

than the numbers that seemed

to define my worth.


Is it all worth it?

When I was working as an employee in the corporate world I often asked myself, is it all worth it? I mean, in the morning you wake up early to get yourself ready for work, if you have a long commute you re probably the only one that s up and sitting at the table eating breakfast all alone doesn t make it more fun. 141 more words

Mario Balotelli is a risk, but a top striker for £16m is a risk worth taking for Liverpool

Mackay attended Kick It Out’s 20th anniversary dinner just three months before sending ‘racist’ texts Previous Next The view from Liverpool: Signing troublesome Mario Balotelli is a risk, but a top striker for

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