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Lovely Whisper

Jasmine whispered to her beloved ‘We can elope today?’

Jackson “Why did you decide today?’

Jasmine ‘As I realized only you can love me this way?’ 45 more words

Is Unit Testing worth the effort?

  There are lot of views to answer age out question of all developer going through Test Driven Development Process- “Why the hell i should write test cases for my own code,if i can debug them any time “. 934 more words

ראוי - Worthy

Over the weekend one of my friends got a tattoo & the tattoo is worthy in Hebrew, this got me thinking about our worth, how we view ourselves & how ultimately God views us. 313 more words


Deliberate Joyful Activities

Awhile back when I was doing an appreciation list, I realized that, although thoughts and feelings are of utmost importance (which the appreciation list comprises), we are physical beings living in a physical world and our activities cannot be dismissed. 451 more words


IF ONLY I say the right things
And make no mistakes.
If only I wait where they want me
So not to make them search. 47 more words

What are you worth?

We seek to be of value to others, especially to those who matter most.

The question is, do we “hang out” with others because they are of value to us? 266 more words

Are the Investors Freaked Out About Geopolitics?

Buffett is saying two things.

First, the market will weather crises no matter how bad they are.

Second, a good business offering attractive longterm returns is always worth investing in. 45 more words