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A Follow- Up on the "Absolute" for Success.

This is just a follow up of my last post regarding the education and intelligence of today versus the past. This article poses the question, “Were people smarter in the 50’s?”. 60 more words


The "Absolute" for Success: College Education

Today, if somebody doesn’t go to college, people ask, “Why?” and immediate think differently of them. In today’s society, if you want to do anything in life, college is the answer. 161 more words


He does not like me

He doesn’t like me. Not even as a friend. It feels heartbreaking. I know he is not worth it. He’s a two-faced person, who is too insecure to be himself around his friends. 34 more words

Will A Residence Theatre Add Worth To My Home?

In this competitive genuine estate industry, we’re all searching for anything that can add value to our house. A new coat of paint can only go so far, so what else can you do add dollar signs to your house? 22 more words

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Make more money

Almost 7 months have flown by, working from home has taught me I’m a lazy motherf-c-er. So I’ve come to the realisation I’m not cut out to work from home and work on my own, I need a purpose and reason to get up at a strict hour in the morning even if I really don’t want to be up that early. 189 more words

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10 Indicators You Are Not Earning What You're Worth

Are you an “underearner”? You may possibly be surprised…
Underearning has nothing to do with how much you earn in terms of numbers. You can make 6 figures and nevertheless be an underearner. 27 more words

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