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Broken, Beautiful, Redeemed

I recently went to a women’s retreat with my church. I had been looking forward to this for months and just knew God was going to speak to me at this conference. 484 more words


Ever felt rejected and unlovable?

For the last few days, if someone asked me if I was okay and I was actually honest, I’d say, “Not really. Not right now.” 518 more words


You are Enough

Within the past two weeks I’ve heard so many women rip and roar upon the canvas of grace called their lives. I’ve watched women that seemed to have it all together on the outside, fall tragically apart from the core. 1,437 more words


The List of Already Manifested Things

I have noticed, in the past, that when I didn’t get things that I wanted, there was a part of me that felt it was because I didn’t deserve them.  488 more words



Am I unworthy to be something more?
I feel rejected,
Not good enough,

Some say I’m much of a goody two shoes… 36 more words



Tonight I sat behind my steering wheel of my car in utter tears. I wasn’t upset. I was broken and still am and will always be. 447 more words

Why He Came by Stacey Crawford

Do you remember that moment when your sin became real to you?  That moment when you realized you’re really not a good person after all and you mess up constantly?  535 more words