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How to Escape Death

How do you escape death? I’ll get there in a minute.
It seems as if everywhere you turn in this world, there’s death, and no way to get around it. 321 more words

What EASTER means to me

I have taken time this year to start looking at the resurrection of Christ and what it truly means to me. The understanding and study of this has only just begun because until this year I have not owned Easter to mean something real for myself. 632 more words

I am far from concieted..

yesterday someone said about me, that I’m so full of myself. The comment didn’t offend me, but it made me laugh a bit. It’s crazy how misread people can be these days. 137 more words

Blossoming into Beauty

I was recently traveling with some girlfriends and as we drove through the vast West Texas openness, we passed several beautiful sunflower fields. As we admired the endless yellow horizon a thought crossed my mind, “To think this lovely plant was at one time a weed; a wild flower; maybe even a nuisance…Amazing.” 516 more words


Mediocre M

Nothing extrodinary
just ordinary

blending in
with the masses

Nothing special
Nothing worthy

Nowhere to go
Mediocre M


I am amazing

I am courageous

I am inspired

I am lovable

I am worthy

I am passionate

I am openhearted

I am fun-loving

I am sweet… 6 more words

What Inspires Me And Helps Me Stay Positive