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Depression is very difficult to understand unless you have suffered from it yourself. People often misunderstand it as a form of sadness, as something that can only be justified if you have a reason to be sad. 214 more words

Two attitudes towards pain.

“It’s just a scratch,” one said of their mortal wound. “I am morally wounded,” another said of their scratch.

Arti Ibu Jari

Aku baru saja diajari arti sebuah ibu jari. Ketika jempol kananku cedera, aku jadi cukup kesusahan.

Ceritanya, hari Kamis malam, aku dan Bebi Vendra habis jalan-jalan ke seputaran Alam Sutera. 230 more words


Open Wound

The tragedy of Peshawar will be an open wound for generations.
How now to stop the Pakistani military from declaring open season on the populace of Taliban areas? 14 more words


MARK_A Short Story

One day I got a mark on me. A small red mark, as if someone drew few lines out of their own artistic interests.
Who would like to keep marks on them for long anyways?

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Don’t you dare

Don’t you dare
No, do not
Telling me again
I’m too sensitive

I didn’t choose
To be wounded
When I couldn’t
Defend myself

I have to sort… 44 more words


Not forgotten

In this sleepless night, you left a memory behind.
A memory that is still with me now.
You always wanted to protect your happiness.
Even though you laughed at love, I realize that you was just acting cool. 35 more words