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The loving Heart

I have great respect for the work I have done the last 26 years in this life – and the strength in the archetypes that I have written about in “When fear comes home to Love” ( you may click on book in right menu to find out more.) The most common complaint this Leelah has, is this: “Whatever I do and experience of healing and realizations obviously are not enough to remove this all-powerful energy field, manifesting as huge pains everywhere and depression. 397 more words

A Course In Miracles Blog

open wound hate

when a folks within

are at war

and when a far

when eyes with no love

take on that added fuel

then its bound to explode… 52 more words


Tell Me

Tell me, do you know sorrow like me

Are there shadows in your heart

Where pain hides

Where shame takes shelter

Do your footsteps leave an imprint… 54 more words

Page 39

“Where’s my coat?”

No reply. It’s night. The tiny house is silent, and he is cold. Or both. He is hot and he is cold. The chill air in the room cools one arm and freezes the other. 508 more words


When I First Learned I was 'White'


The anniversary of my friend’s murder just passed.

Thirteen years. Still hard to swallow.

Something like that changes you. It has to… or, at the very least, … 1,677 more words

Best wound care centers in New Jersey to heal

The standard method of human is to deal with a wound is taking it becoming an environmental process which doesn’t require any sign of curing. But when you have a wound that’ll be not healing and not showing any greater improvement for past one month when you have this sort of wounds, then surely you have to have it because this could the sign of diabetes or any skin diseases. 561 more words


Reality Stabs

We all know “Love don’t pay the rent”,
But I’ve been living on a cloud
Where we paid no rent.
All we gave we was our energy, 155 more words