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Inmates Running the Asylum

I entered a hospital with a wound possibly made my a bullet. This was not clear in the dream; it was about the size of a shot-gun shell. 328 more words

Wound of a Cantankerous

who will help me,
who is around to help,
who shall help me,
nurse this wound? 

I am ill—
sought to me is my terrible; 75 more words


My kind of intimacy

I stayed couple of hours to look at this picture… I love it! It’s amazing! And I couldn’t help sharing it because of its message… the one that I see in it, of course :) It expresses so much love, protection, tenderness, fear, doubt and rejection in the same time, that it fascinates me… fear to let her closer to him, doubt that he really accepts and love her just as she is… he keeps her at distance with one of his arms, but holding her firm with another hand… kind of “you’re mine!” message… and she seems to abandon herself to him… completely naked, completely his…it’s beautiful… it’s part of us… 584 more words


Short video for wives: Don't stick a knife in an open wound

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I hate how whenever I sense something related to her, the feelings just kept flowing like an unending river. It’s like my dried wounds have been scratched over and over again, making the fresh blood flow once more. 95 more words

Let's forget

Let’s forget for a minute that you have hurt me. Let’s behave as though the wound your knife made in my heart disappeared when you took out the knife. 426 more words