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Blue Injection

Every boy experiments with the fear of being a prince. After delicate moments of fear and disappointment, one comes to accept the dream and in fact, relives in it. 390 more words

Short Story

Collapsing like a Jenga


That’s the thing about my family. We don ’t solve problems.

We ignore them and wait for time to cover the wound, just like a plaster, that covers the cut, relieving from the bleeding but making it impossible for the wound to actually heal. 252 more words


JUL26: Finding Forgiveness

Lodged between the hard edges

Is something shimmery and bright

It looks distant and far from reach

The path leading to it seems too tight… 125 more words

ah, the insult

what a profound and strange game it is. to one moment be in yourself or at some other thought and in the next to be distracted and feel a rage rising up within. 87 more words

Self Awareness

Rewrite Your Story

This post is about getting free from torment, trauma, and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). While these issues might not affect you personally, I guarantee you do know someone who suffers with them.   667 more words


How to get over deep emotional pain

On this talk show:  How to get over the pain of a deep emotional wounds…plus, what to talk about with a counselor…plus, the pros and cons of taking medication for anxiety… 12 more words