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Watch the terrifying moment a man survives being run over by New York subway train

WARNING: Some people may find this footage disturbing

A worrying video has emerged showing the moment a man survives despite a subway train in New York speeding over him as he lays on the track. 201 more words


Meth addict returns stolen purse with heart-warming note

When a Canadian woman dropped her purse, she wrote it off as gone for good.

So she was more than a little surprised when she got a call from her bank a few days later to say it had been handed in. 114 more words


GW2: Once more unto the breach

Well with my WoW account nearing its frozen status I will need an MMO to scratch that itch so decided to fire up and patch my old Guild Wars 2 account last night. 191 more words


You won’t believe what this granny can do in heels!

Take one fit granny, give her a good reason to escape in a dance studio, make her meet a trainer who doesn’t believe in age limits and you can wow Simon Cowell. 34 more words


Illidan Stormrage Should Really Stay Dead - Part 1: Illidan's History

Blizzard has their fifth expansion for World of Warcraft, Warlords of Draenor, in development right now.  The game is currently in alpha but is nearing closed beta, which attendees of PAX East were gifted invites to.  1,935 more words

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Time for a break from WoW

Well it’s that time of year, where I’ve not got through the current content in any meaningful way as yet, and there is a huge gulp of time to get to the next expansion. 143 more words


تأملات ستولشنايية .....

تأملات ستولشنايية…..
أحياناً، شغلة صغيرة فجأة بتلفت إنتباهك، مع إنه عالشغلة طول عمرك بتشوفها وبتستعملها بدون ما تعيرها أي إهتمام لضحالة هاي الشغلة بحياتك السريعة، وما بعرف هو الواحد لما يكبر بيصير يدقر ولا هي فعلياً تأملات ستولشنايية، إلي بتخليك تركز على شغلة وتصفن وتقرر تشوف شو قصتها!؟