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WOW (Intro) - SISTAR


Album: TOUCH & MOVE                 Artist: SISTAR



neowana hamkkeramyeon You know it’s all good
modeunge heungmiroun day (Wow)
(neowana duriramyeon eodirado it’s all right) 62 more words


Undercover in Warlords: A Few of my Favourite Things

Some spoilers included so look away now if you’re trying to avoid!

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently pottering around Draenor looking for bugs, exploring and generally getting a feel for the expansion. 376 more words


How Not to Quit an MMO

How do you quit mmos? Well, it’s not by starting another mmo in place of the first one. Yeesh!

I think I’m done with FF14. Not bad, a stint of 6 months after I got the game for free. 440 more words

Video Games

Yays a post for no reason!

Random blog topic - Does your “online” voice differ from your “offline”?

Yes…very much so…at least to people who aren’t really good friends with me.  My online voice is the me who I usually am once you get to know me…well after the first meeting.   146 more words

Garrisons: Stop Expecting the Expected

Let me be blunt and get this out of the way immediately: Garrisons are NOT player housing. I have played FFXIV and Wildstar, and THOSE are games with player housing. 989 more words

General WoW

17 incredible costumes from the Hyper Japan cosplay catwalk

From the rather terrifying Executioner from Resident Evil to the elegant Hana from Gate 7, and, er, even Flufflepuff from Flufflepuff Tales, here are 17 incredible home-made cosplay outfits from the Hyper Japan cosplay catwalk. 279 more words