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Iron Man Challenge: Silithus Edition

After hitting level 60 in Un’Goro I decided to head directly into Silithus and get another level under my belt before heading to Outland. Lo and behold, another level became another few bars of experience, since apparently once you hit level 60 you stop earning any significant experience in old Azeroth. 634 more words

World Of Warcraft

Ring Cam: Now you can snap your partner's face when you pop the question

Many people wish they could capture the look on their partner’s face when they get down on one knee and pop that special question.

Well now you can. 164 more words


The One Where I Finally Killed The Bastard

Whew. So happy this OCD chapter of my life is done. The elusive Ironfur Steelhorn is finally dead. No more slot machine fucking yaks. Now, I can get back to circling the valley for herbs and ore. 15 more words


Back in Azeroth

So occasionally on this blog I intend to talk about what I’m doing with my time, besides blogging of course. As of late, the husband and I have restarted our World of Warcraft accounts. 937 more words



Rambling post about my general, relatively boring life….again

Oh wait no….it’s just results day.

So today I got my GCSE results (2 A’s, 7 B’s and 2 C’s) and got into my chosen sixth form to study: 100 more words

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Foestriker’s Tabard
Foestriker’s Mitts
Foestriker’s Skirt
Foestriker’s Boots


gaming news - 08/21/2014

  • New multiplayer revealed in Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain video

Following previous footage from this years E3, we know about most of the basic gameplay elements that will be available to us. 321 more words