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Awesome Birthday

Had a great birthday dinner with lots of friends. Thanks to all for coming out to celebrate with me. :)  My desktop is now up and running again, with a new surge protector, too. 175 more words




I have posted my first blog only 13 hours ago at time of writing this (don’t ave wifi at my place of work, so I’ll post this when I get home. 361 more words

Coming Attractions

Note from Dalila B: “Just to let you know that I have invited two friends, Cynthia Osornio from Brownsville and Pepe Flores from McAllen,  to come to our church this coming Wednesday, to introduce them to the board members. 291 more words


Summer - The True WoW Killer

I was having a discussion recently with an acquaintance, and the topic of the WoW killer came up. It started off talking about guild attrition at the end of an expansion, and the struggle of getting people to show up to raid. 424 more words


Hethurin's Reply

[[ Hethurin's reply to a letter he recently received from Silvermoon. ]]

Magister Morningsky,

I write to deny your request to send your daughter home over the summer holiday.   553 more words

World Of Warcraft

Thunderforged, Warforged, Ironforged, Oh My!

Before I start, I just want to make the disclaimer that the iLvl boosted gear in Warlords isn’t Ironforged. Nothing’s been datamined as to what it’ll be called, so don’t call me out on calling it differently. 1,241 more words

Blizzard Entertainment

This man spent his life savings on a Tron light cycle. There's just one slight problem...

If you’re going to blow your last penny on an iconic piece of film merchandise, you probably ought to check you can make use of it first. 366 more words