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There's a Storm Front Coming*

One of the things that just about all crime novels have in common is that something bad happens in the novel. Often it’s murder. So crime fiction fans know before they even begin to read a novel that it’s probably going to involve something terrible. 1,432 more words

Agatha Christie

The Dragon's Heir Complete: Chapter 12 (Winter)


The years leading up to college were brutal, but it actually got a lot easier after that. I looked at a lot of schools, but ultimately I went for one in my own backyard – Garden College, the institution my father had shaped. 2,445 more words



“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” Joseph Campbell 

What is your first reaction to an unpleasant surprise?  How much fear do you feel?  1,279 more words

Inspirational Posts

Somebody Get Me a Doctor*

The human instinct for self-preservation is powerful. So it makes sense that we have a deep-seated fear of contagious disease. That’s part of the reason, for instance, that the recent news about Ebola in West Africa (and a few cases elsewhere) is so frightening. 1,214 more words


Nature and Music: The Work of John Luther Adams

I am probably one of the few who looks forward to my commute. Not because I get on far enough away to grab a seat on the train, or that my mind requires the extra hour of warm up to function properly; both are true, but more important is that the commute allows me to enter the world of radio podcasts. 1,757 more words


Between the Scythe & the Reaper Drone - A review of Nicholas Carr's "The Glass Cage"

Here is a thought experiment: reflect back on the last forty-eight hours of your life, how often did you find yourself relying on computerized technology for performing a function that you (or at least another human) used to perform? 4,246 more words


The Rape of Religion

“Of all the subjects to talk about, you may choose anything…except religion. Of that you shall not speak. It is the modern-day apple in Paradise. Unless, of course, you want to go overboard and talk about racism – then you venture into really dangerous territory.” 985 more words

Smalltown Short Stories