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Current EVEntS - Rev. Canon Gina Gilland Campbell COVERS CRUCIFIXES To Enable 1st Muslim Prayer Session in National Cathedral

Here is yet another influential, radical, second-wave feminist who is out to redefine Christianity according to her own “liberated” views. But, alarmingly, she has been allowed to do her dirty work from… 2,476 more words


The New Teacher - short story

A dearth of links to short stories has given me the opportunity to promote yet another of my own works in my unofficial celebration of…

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From Morningside to Wedgwood Presbyterian Church

Before Wedgwood acquired its name, a sense of identity and defined boundaries in the 1940’s and 1950’s, the name Morningside was often used for the neighborhood.  2,213 more words

Name Of The Neighborhood

I Needed One More Fare to Make My Night*

Depending on where you live and your lifestyle, you may or may not take taxis very often. There are some cities where taking a taxi is easier than driving your own car, even if you have one; and of course, it’s far safer to take a cab if you’re having a night out drinking than it is to drive. 1,545 more words

Agatha Christie

How to be Happy

Seriously, what is going on with the world lately? America especially. I have witnessed more racism, homophobia, religious in-tolerance, bigotry, hypocrisy, and just plain ignorance and hate more lately than ever. 2,271 more words

Opinion Pieces

Buddism VS Cake

The last 14 days have melted into each other. All valleys have become one valley, all people one person, all immodiums one fizzy get-out-of-jail-free card. A village idiot has danced a jig, clicking his cardamom-stained fingers in joy, before being waved away by the girl who sang to make him dance. 919 more words


The Rhapsodic Ways of Music

It was just Gustav Mahler and me in the elegant auditorium. He may have been born nearly one hundred years before me but no matter. He may as well have visited this century, jumped on that stage. 1,474 more words