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The Difficult Decisions of Adventure Travel

With a heavy heart, I’ve been following the recent catastrophe on the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. For anyone unfamiliar, 39 people died when cyclone Hudhud moved north from India into Nepal bringing unprecedented levels of snowfall to the Annapurna region. 1,392 more words


Coming out

This is not about sympathy. It is not about sob stories. Like my last post on disability (inspired by Dorothy Kim writing for ITM), it is about… 1,456 more words

Academic Blog

How to act around introvert people

Where do you get your energy from? Does social interaction increase it or do you crave more alone time than your friends do? In this interview London-based writer Ellen Vrana – an introvert herself – shares her personal experience and how hard it can be when people just don’t get it. 1,562 more words


Why You Can't Be Precious

You’ve seen it before: the boss invites feedback and an ‘open dialogue’ and as soon as someone shows individuality or is overly assertive or says they don’t like an idea, then that person is labelled ‘not a team player’, or a ‘problem’, and the boss retreats to her/his predetermined position on just about everything that she or he regards as important. 1,084 more words


The Good Life or "the Goods Life" - The Thought of Lewis Mumford

Possessing tremendous foresight is not always an uplifting attribute. Likewise, a keen sense of hindsight may provide as much of an education in ruins as in woebegone romance. 2,307 more words


Everybody has a You (#12)

Despite the dry mouth, the almost unquenchable thirst and still feeling dizzy, Boggel manages to stumble through the events leading up to his friends finding him. 1,592 more words

Smalltown Short Stories

Ashes Underfoot: Human Remains and Public Memorialization

The remains of CJ Twomey have blazed an enormously rich path to eternal rest since his death in 2010.  Over 800 packets of CJ’s cremated remains have been scattered in… 2,353 more words