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From Astrophysics to Biology*

Science and scientists have a particular way of thinking about their professions. Reputable scientists develop theories and hypotheses about the way something works. As best they can, they put those hypotheses to the test and accept what the data tell them. 1,159 more words

Agatha Christie

Seeing Each Other in the Candle's Light

There is a Yiddish folk-tale that tells of a foolish man who gets lost in the woods during Chanukah:

Having hoped to make it back to his home before sundown the man had attempted to take a short cut through the forest, only to find himself utterly lost when night fell. 1,801 more words


I Believe in Miracles*

Let’s face it: all sorts of terrible things have been going on in the world lately. It’s enough to drive anyone to despair. But through it all, there are those small miracles that happen that can make all the difference in the world. 1,156 more words

Agatha Christie

Top Five (A Film Review)

Top Five is the story of Andre Allen, a comedian who is at the precipice of his career and struggling to navigate through a conundrum of celebrity.   1,062 more words


Girl Seeking Happiness

“Be grateful for all you have, Francesca!” Her mother called out but she didn’t acknowledge her, just bounded up two steps at a time. “Then maybe you’ll be in a better mood!” 2,104 more words


Good-Food-Bad-Food, and Endless Beaches. Aloha from Hawaii.

29 Nov – 4 Dec 2014. We are at our gate in the Honolulu airport. It is after midnight as we wait for our delayed flight to Samoa. 1,381 more words


Another leader in the church found to be a fraud!

He’s the man that “everybody” likes!

He has it all together!

His children are so well behaved!

He loves the Lord so much, and he is so faithful and humble! 1,513 more words