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Being Here with All That Matters

It can take a lifetime to realize your true worth. Sometimes I still feel I am on the verge of determining what, exactly, that is. Most of the time, despite self-doubts that knock around in my head at inconvenient times, I have a handle on it. 2,059 more words

I Never Claimed to be a Hero, And I Never Said I Was a Saint*

Many crime novels are told from the point of view of the sleuth. The sleuth may or may not be a professional (i.e. police or PI), but in either case, we see the story unfolding from that vantage point. 1,228 more words


Still Hanging On

By the weekend we’ll be entering November.

That was taken on the 27th of October – yup; flowers in the pots I have. I went outside to snap what are likely to be the last flowers photos of the season. 1,123 more words

Photography Stuff

The Picture

That picture! Gertruida stares at it for a long time. The memories! The shock!

She knew it had to be here, somewhere – and now she’s found it, wishing she didn’t, between the pages of… 1,209 more words

Short Stories

It All Keeps Adding Up, I Think I'm Cracking Up*

I’m sure you’ve heard of the old expression, ‘It’s always the quiet ones…’ As any crime fiction fan can tell you, there are all kinds of murderers, both loud and quiet. 1,433 more words

Agatha Christie

Facing Reality - Reflections on the IFG's Techno-Utopianism Teach-In

Occasionally, an acronym does the work of an entire argument. Case in point: FRED, which stands for Facing the Reality of Extinction and Doom. A good acronym need not be optimistic, and it can trade in the hyperbolically humorous, but even more than an “ism” it may provide us with a succinct formulation for confronting a much more complex problem. 1,607 more words


Quoting Creatively: the 'Out of Africa' connection

I may be wrong about this, but doesn’t John Barry’s Out of Africa film score owe just a little something to George Butterworth’s Shropshire Lad Rhapsody? 1,142 more words

Tish Farrell Writer