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Ah, But I Was So Much Older Then, I'm Younger Than That Now*

Have you ever noticed how your perspective on things changes as you get older? For instance, if you visit a home that you lived in as a child, you may see that it’s a lot smaller than you remember. 1,370 more words

Agatha Christie

Tilting at Windmills

To be critical of a society is to invite a variety of staid, boorish, and simply hostile responses. Common amongst these retorts are those that do not attempt to engage in debate in any meaningful way but instead make use of the logical fallacy of attacking the advocate. 1,772 more words


Nels' Northwest Initiation

Nels didn’t like the neighborhood. He thought it was too quiet, so tidy that he wanted to drop his gum wrappings on the sidewalk, maybe a wad of gum, too. 2,491 more words

For the love of London

The most formative years of my life were spent in London. 18 to 24, I was there studying at university whilst learning a lot about life. 1,586 more words

Foodie Fun

Your Opinions, they hurt my brain

One thing I think most brain injury survivors can agree on is our inability to keep our opinions to ourselves.  In all of the support groups, discussions, books, articles, YouTube videos and blogs, the one thing that connects us all is that we have to relearn to control our mouths all over again. 2,921 more words


In The Spotlight: Hannah Dennison's Murder at Honeychurch Hall

Hello, All,

Welcome to another edition of In The Spotlight. For many readers, there’s nothing quite like the English ‘country house’ mystery. Of course these days, people don’t generally live the way they did during the Golden Age years of crime writing. 1,043 more words


The Dragon's Heir Complete: Chapter 1 (Summer)


The first stray wisps of snow pirouetted through the night, barely visible against the pinpricked night sky. Far below lay a town with the overtly rosy name of Paradise Gardens – a small college town tucked away somewhere amid the fields and roads of southern Illinois. 1,886 more words