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Immigration Reform by the President because Congress already grants Amnesty

People want simple answers. Unfortunately some things require more details to answer and while complex issues may be broken down to simpler questions solving does not involve a single simple answer but a degree of information that exceeds the attention span of many. 1,087 more words

Thoughts On Life And Society

Federal Budget, Easy as Pie

Tax, Spend, tax, spend, so often criticisms of the Federal government fall into one of those broad categories. I reckon that just about everyone wants to cut spending. 1,189 more words


Why I love Buy Nothing Day and not spending money at Thanksgiving or Christmas

Saturday 29th November is Buy Nothing Day, a day or rather movement that started in the United States in protest of the over-commercialisation of our holidays and life in general. 2,292 more words

Tissane and the Truest Truth

Tissane isn’t afraid of her mother yet she feels as if she still could be. Melinda has always had power, cutting a swath through life with the incisive edge of her words, her intelligence an army of rebuttals. 2,518 more words

What is in a Name?

Exactly one month ago I attended the Dodge Poetry Festival, held biannually in Newark, NJ. I really didn’t know what to expect when I bought my festival tickets, but my hope was that I would learn more about the mystery of becoming a published poet. 708 more words

Poems By Me

In The Spotlight: L.R. Wright's The Suspect

Hello, All,

Welcome to another edition of In The Spotlight. In many crime novels, part of the suspense comes from the ‘whodunit’ of a case. But not in all stories. 1,172 more words


Looking for the Best Deals on Black Friday? (try the library!)

Regardless of what the barrage of advertisements tells you to the contrary – you will not find the best deal in any store or on any website this Black Friday. 1,153 more words