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Blink Of An Eye

The cottonwoods stand out now,  making the difference between the light green of the alder and billowy yellow of the cottonwood leaves obvious. We see this now as we scramble up the mossy rocks that lead to the bluffs overlooking the Stillaguamish River valley. 3,463 more words


Can We Have Our Cake without Soylent Goo?

What we are eating often remains a bit of a mystery. We may know what it says on the packaging or what it says on the menu – but when the food enters our mouth there is often a certain act of faith taking place. 2,052 more words


The Madness of Frikkie Coetzee

“It’s haunted!”

Frikkie Coetzee, that round block of muscle with the unshaved face, is arguably the most superstitious man in the Kalahari. Always gets out on the right side of the bed; avoids black cats; hates lightning and never upsets the salt at the table. 1,413 more words

Smalltown Short Stories

Yoga and Eucharist (and kisses)

I have been feeling pretty negative about bodies lately.

What I mean is that I have been visited by recurrent imaginations about how great it would be if human beings could somehow exist without physicality – without all the horribleness that comes from having all of our experiences filtered through the fragile medium of corporeality. 1,366 more words


The Scary One With That Power Tool Might Be an Angel

It’s like a little horror story that reveals a deep underlying niceness, I think drowsily. I slept little the night before and now I am looking up at a golden orb of light seen darkly through goggles, my body very still, lips stretched into the sort of grotesque shape a mime would create to depict a scream. 2,131 more words

When work is like the Christian life...

“Well, if I don’t get eaten by an alligator, I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon.”

That was the marketing associate’s attempt at humor when we discussed her abbreviated schedule on Friday. 1,175 more words

She's a Highly Specialized Key Component of Operational Unity*

Secretaries and office assistants are often essential to the success of just about any business. The more competent they are, the better the business runs. If you’ve ever had either a very competent or a very incompetent one, you know what I mean. 987 more words

Agatha Christie