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2015 Social Security COLA growing ... slightly

Based on the CPI-W for April, May and June 2014, the projected COLA for 2015 will be 1.65%.

Remember, the months that actually matter in calculating the COLA are July, August and September. 9 more words

Social Security

Think before you act/ use your words.

Problems happen, it’s that simple yet impossible to avoid. The good thing about an opinion is that you don’t have to agree with other people’s, but this is where we seem to go wrong. 612 more words

Is this how you see Obamacare?

Here is a story (another story) defining the success of Obamacare. What’s wrong with this picture and why does it portend the fiscal difficulties facing Obamacare (pay attention Mr Krugman)? 796 more words


A message of wisdom from the past for today's liberals

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.

82 more words
Observations On Life

The Girl in the Yellow Boa.

Good Evening:

I didn’t take any pictures of her topless.

After 32 years in San Francisco, a topless young woman in Golden Gate Park on a Sunday afternoon listening to the… 256 more words

The San Francisco Scene--Seen!

Making health plans more complicated requires (much) better communications‼️

Communicating is more than disseminating information or proliferating legalize. Communicating employee benefits means communicating ideas, concepts, the reason for things and how the employee and family can maximize the efficient use of the benefits. 370 more words

Observations On Life

Final Thoughts Misthought on the 2014 World Cup

Good Evening:

Who am I kidding? I have like, maybe less than zero qualifications to comment on soccer: my predictions on the World Cup were so wrong that even my prediction that all of my  727 more words

The San Francisco Scene--Seen!