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Your tax dollars at work in state employee health benefits

Lower premium sharing, more generous benefits, lower deductibles and overall lower cost-sharing. These are the characteristics of the health benefits of state employees compared with workers in the private sector. 490 more words


"The sound of sidewalk;" Or, The Surreal Is That Which Lies At Your Feet, 21 August 2014

Good Evening:

I did not invent the title of this post. I think. I remain convinced that I have quoted someone else, but when I google the phrase “the surreal is that which lies at your feet,” all I find is myself stating that I remain convinced that I have quoted someone else.  135 more words

The San Francisco Scene--Seen!

YOU sir are the Bastard

Enter Clive Palmer. For all those who either don’t live in Australia and or may not know whom exactly Clive Palmer is he is a Australian Politician/ Political activist on top of being a bit of an idiot. 382 more words

Haven't posted in a while/ Update.

The last time that I successfully sat down and wrote and posted something was on the 31st of July which is something that really doesn’t float my boat. 263 more words

Meanwhile In Canada Watching Anarchy From Afar

Back in the Neolithic of my youth, and the year is 1977, and we have returned again to the land of my father. This hot summer August day finds myself, Mom & Dad and sister are all lazin’ about on my Great Grandma’s big old front porch in North Carolina, when a State Trooper drives by. 653 more words


Asleep at the switch‼️ The Obama administration is responsible today for the state of Iraq

While the U.S. intelligence community had estimated that the Islamic State had about 10,000 fighters in Syria and Iraq before it captured Mosul, that estimate is now being revised upward, several intelligence officials said at a briefing last week on condition of anonymity to discuss the matter Bloomberg.com.

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Why are Americans dissatisfied?

Why are Americans so dissatisfied with the direction of the Country, even 63% of Democrats are dissatisfied? Depending on your political point of view I guess we could come up with many reasons no doubt some 180 degrees from each other. 187 more words