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Hospitals’ Struggles To Beat Back Familiar Infections Began Before Ebola Arrived - Kaiser Health News

Nationally, about one in every 25 hospitalized patients gets an infection, and 75,000 people die each year from them—more than from car crashes and gun shots combined. 79 more words


Survey: Top 1% of patients account for 22% of costs

Here’s why it is so difficult to control health care costs and why all you hear about consumer involvement has little chance of affecting the major causes of health care spending. 163 more words


Why are we asking patients to change health care⁉️

From so-called consumer driven health care, to the mythical transparency of Massachusetts health care prices and on to reference pricing; health plans, especially employer plans, see the solution to health care costs in trimming individual fees along with the ability for patients to navigate the maze of health care; shop for the best deal and thereby save money. 322 more words


Picture Puzzle for October 2014!

Good Evening:

Haven’t done one of these in quite some time. If you haven’t seen one of these before, they generally don’t pose more then moderate difficulty: first, an overall picture of the protective window shield of the The Pink Dolphin bar on Haight Street between Ashbury &  Masonic. 36 more words

The San Francisco Scene--Seen!

Supporting Obamacare "honestly"

Today I received an e-mail from Organizing for Action, the President’s grassroots organization. Here is what I saw:

Looks like they want help educating people for the open enrollment coming up. 38 more words


Obamacare Website Costs Exceed $2 Billion, Study Finds - Bloomberg

If these estimates are correct, the initial enrollment cost about $280 per person enrolled. That’s a hefty price. Of course, we will never know the true cost of all this or how the calculations are made that support all the claims of success or how we measure success for that matter. 302 more words


2015 penalties ("fee") for not having health insurance

The fee (that’s what the Feds like to call it) in 2015

If you don’t have health insurance coverage in 2015, you’ll pay the higher… 119 more words