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Apple; up, up and away

So, Apple has amassed $178 billion dollars in cash and investments mostly by selling people the same thing over and over and getting other companies to subsidize the price. 87 more words

Observations On Life

White House drops plan to tax college funding 529 plans‼️

I guess even the middle-class occasionally realizes that higher taxes can’t only be on the wealthy and so there was an outcry over the proposal to tax 529 plans. 130 more words

Observations On Life

Internists Applaud HHS Historic Step to Move Medicare Reimbursement From Fee-for-Service to Quality

Support for changes to Medicare … but make sure you read the “critical steps” below 😏


Internists Applaud HHS Historic Step to Move Medicare Reimbursement From Fee-for-Service to Quality… 714 more words


Raise the minimum wage already‼️ Republicans are short-sighted

Draw your own conclusions to all this.

In 1938 the first federal minimum wage was $0.25 per hour or $4.20 in 2014 dollars.

Earnings of the typical American family in 1938 were about $2,116 or $1.02 an hour (given the family in 1938 generally consisted of one breadwinner, these numbers reflect individual wages.) In 2014 dollars the annual income would be $35,527.19/2080=$17.08 an hour. 263 more words

Observations On Life

My Campaign: Help a Girl Succeed!

I am doing a bit of an unusual thing and trying to raise enough money to pay for my MA in creative writing, so that I can go this September. 1,142 more words

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1,700 Hospitals Win Quality Bonuses From Medicare, But Most Will Never Collect | Kaiser Health News

One of the initiatives part of Obamacare was improving quality especially in hospitals treating Medicare patients. It’s pretty hard to be opposed to such a goal … unless perhaps you run a hospital and must deal with the myriad of rules, regulations, questionable measures, penalties and massive bureaucracy of CMS.   344 more words


Taking the Path of Most Resistance: Why Am I a Feminist?

I recently read an inspiring post over on girl in the hat that prompted the question, Why Am I a Feminist? She wrote a truly emotive piece, in a stark frank way, (a style I love to read), and invited participation at the end. 1,252 more words

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