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Thrashing for the Camera on Haight Street, 21 September 2014.

Good Evening:

I know almost nothing about the skateboarding culture, so I don’t know if this phenomenon is universal or unique to San Francisco, but when skateboarders travel in packs, someone usually brings along a video camera–and not the sort of video camera that comes with every cell phone nowadays. 107 more words

The San Francisco Scene--Seen!

Financial Reform: An Alternative Use For "Yes"?

The Scottish independence referendum was about different things to different people, but a common theme was the hope of finding better ways of doing things: ways of tackling poverty and inequality; ways of moving government closer to communities, of making democracy more responsive; ways of encouraging an economy to thrive. 1,069 more words


Narrow Health Networks: Maybe They’re Not So Bad - NYTimes.com

Keep this in mind when you hear the rhetoric crying about limited networks harming consumers. In some states insurance regulators are seeking to force insurers to expand their networks at consumer urging. 249 more words


It's the holidays, time to be productive!

Anyone who knows me, loves me and or has to/tries to put up with me will know that the title for this post is generally something I would say or a phrase I live by, but sadly I just have too much to do these holidays to not live by it. 480 more words

Short-Short Stories of San Francisco, 21 September 2014.

Good Evening:

All true stories, all conversations reconstructed as best as I can remember them. No photos; unfortunately, I’m erratic at best as a photographer and unlike the day when I created a photo essay of… 1,368 more words

The San Francisco Scene--Seen!

Nothing Endures: The Sutro Baths at Land's End, San Francisco. (Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance)

Good Morning:

Nothing endures. One hour spent at the ruins of San Francisco’s Sutro Baths provides so many examples, starting with the fact that the Baths… 361 more words

The San Francisco Scene--Seen!

Endurance in Central African Republic

There’s a story here. You have to look carefully though. This is very much a happenstance shot, taken by Graham from a moving overland truck many years ago. 602 more words