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Of Vestil SWHANDBG Handheld Stretch Wrapper 1220 Roll Height

You might even decide to experiment with different types of tobacco to find out what flavors you enjoy best in your homemade cigars.

Rolling cigars can actually be less expensive than going about buying them premade. 320 more words


Happy Easter, pt4


and then we’ll eat it. ;)


Hapoy Easter, pt.3

Rabbits bring eggs. Why? Because frak you, that’s why.

No, real reason is that in spring, wild rabbits dare come closer to human settlements, and thus they “bring” eggs…who brings them in winter (satan claws) autumn (jack) and summer (melanoma jim) is unknown (except to me, and now you).


Happy Easter, pt2

Did you know that the symbols of the rabbit, the chick and the egg originated in various pre-Christian cultures, as FERTILITY symbols? They got shit to do with a zombie (Jesus)

Card 2 of 4:


Happy Easter!

Well, another festive occasion, another horrid nightmare.

A colleague gave away some small chocolate bars, the sweets were good, but the image on the wrapper… 20 more words



I’m just sitting here eating and I decided to tell you about my morning:). Well, first off, my bestie or my crush or A. started showing me music on his iPod like always. 231 more words


Top Cosmetic Surgery Tips You Need To Know

One important decision to make is your choice of surgeon. Research your doctor to make sure he is in good standing with the medical community, and find out about any issues that have arisen in regards to his practice. 549 more words

Orbital Stretch Wrapper