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George, When I Grow Up, I Wanna be a Wrapper!

When I grow up, I don’t want to be a wrapper, but I do want to eat lots of them! Okay, but seriously.. How did I ever forget about my amazingly versatile George Foreman Grille? 343 more words


How to check that an element is not present on the page using Selenium Webdriver

There are a few situations in which you must perform extra actions if an element is present on the web page, most common would be pagination, if it’s present – you probably need to check the next pages for your data. 339 more words


Food wrapper vaginas

To further my studies of replacing sexuality with food, I formed some vaginal shapes out of food wrappers. I do quite enjoy working in 3D, but I don’t think I will continue working in this way. 53 more words


Wraping C code with Python CTypes: memory and pointers

In the last two posts, I have introduced using CTypes in Python in order to call library functions written in C and C++. In this post I present in more details how to pass arguments to and receive results from those functions. 549 more words