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Jamie's BLOG - DAY 203 :: be fearless

I received this note today from a friend.

He wrote: “I found your candy wrapper”…

At first I thought it was some sort of spam email. 42 more words

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Removing Those Stubborn Garden Weeds And Other Great Gardening with automatic pallet stretch wrapping machine Tips

2. The process of wrapping a product or service of claim 1, whereby:

location involves holding the leading finish of your wrapping material throughout initiation of rotating the product. 173 more words

Create Your Dream Garden With These Handy Tips.

2. The method of wrapping a product of state 1, where:

location consists of keeping the leading end in the wrapping material in the course of initiation of revolving the product. 169 more words

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Additionally, the blade 2522 will relocate downward to cut the rope. As illustrated in FIG. 43, the top area 2516 of your bottom part ramp fellow member 2508 includes a slit 2572 for accepting the blade 2522 therein to permit the blade 2522 to cut fully with the stretch wrap by means of a rope, and thus cutting the stretch forming and wrap a trailing conclusion of the stretch wrap along with a next leading conclusion of the stretch wrap (i.e., a respected stop for your stretch wrap for the subsequent product to become wrapped). 166 more words

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This type of seize situation is shown in FIGS. 44 and 45. Inside the capture placement, the linearly extending part 2534 of the actuator 2517 runs out of the actuator 2517, therefore rotating the L-formed lever 2540 within a clockwise path, pushing the L-designed handle 2540 to pivot in the generally clockwise path regarding the pivot shaft 2542, and making a conclusion of the generally horizontally situated segment 2550 from the L-formed handle 2540 downwards. 292 more words

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This kind of capture position is shown in FIGS. 45 and 44. In the capture place, the linearly increasing part 2534 from the actuator 2517 stretches out of the actuator 2517, thereby turning the L-formed lever 2540 in the clockwise path, making the L-molded handle 2540 to pivot inside a usually clockwise direction about the pivot shaft 2542, and making a conclusion of the usually horizontally located segment 2550 of the L-formed handle 2540 downward. 297 more words

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The highlighted moving prohibit 2519 is configured to slide around the pair of vertically located manual pins 2506 in the fixed accumulating segment 2500 of the wrapping equipment 2022. 303 more words