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Wrasslin' Wednesday 10/22/14

Derek: We’re coming to you live (two days later) from Kansas City! Hell in a Cell is this weekend and the over/under for Royals mentions is set at 74.5. 2,094 more words

Hell In A Cell


Every time I say “oh, hey, this thing they did on RAW was great and enjoyable and entertaining and they should do it more” they do the opposite the next week.   274 more words


Monday Night RAW - An Actual Wrestling Show?

This is kind of a crazy idea, but I’m generally of the opinion that a wrestling show should be predominantly wrestling.  Last week, it felt like I fast forwarded through pretty much all of RAW due largely to tons of replays.   1,249 more words


Monday Night RAW - Hot Dog Time

Well, I just had the best sports weekend of my life.  My state was represented very well on a national stage, and more importantly, my alma mater knocked off the top program in the conference.   770 more words


Pro-Wrestling's biggest misses and near misses of the 90's: Isaac Yankem DDS

The 90’s in Pro-Wrestling gave us so many great gimmicks and story lines in WCW, WWE, and ECW. The 90’s also gave us some downright nonsensical, ridiculous, and disturbing gimmicks and story lines. 580 more words


Pro-Wrestling's Biggest Misses and Near Misses of the 90's: Repo Man

Considering there were quite a few off the wall gimmicks for certain wrestlers (and if you’ve been following this series I have provided several examples), there were also some normal ones. 527 more words


Monday Night RAW - The Ugly Stepchild Returns

Dean Ambrose is my favorite wrestler not currently away from the company due to injury or not wanting to be a wrestler anymore (Miss you guys, hurry back.)  Dean’s been gone for a while, and we’ve all been sad.   952 more words