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The wreck at Crow Point

Crow Point is situated at the very end of Braunton Burrows. Even though I had read the area covered an amazing 1,500 acres, I was still surprised at how long it took to get there. 340 more words


I'm going car shopping!!!

This might be the most stressful and most exciting thing I’ve done in a while. I’m going car shopping today!

I am so excited to finally pick out a car all my own and make sure it is the perfect vehicle for me. 340 more words


I love Cake Wrecks

OK, I have to admit something.  Even with all of the serious blogs that I follow, every morning I have to see the new post at Cake Wrecks. 350 more words


I got thrown in that wreck too

Seven hundred years ago the poet and mystic Rumi wrote,

“Very little grows on jagged rock. Be grounded. Be crumbled so wildflowers will come up where you are.” 329 more words


Luca Lozano + DJ Fett Burger - Hands of Doom

Luca Lozano (Klasse Recordings / Zodiac 44) has teamed up with norwegian DJ Fett Burger with a release on the burgermans Sex Tags Ufo label. 41 more words


A spearo and 100 Goliath grouper

This is a video I edited filmed by shark diver and photographer Nico Ientile and his recent encounter with some Goliath Groupers! Footage filmed with a GoPro Hero3 on the M/V Castor Shipwreck and resulting in a ripped off fingernail and broken finger. 55 more words