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#902 Lessons from Jonah - God Provides Miracles

Good Day Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Skeptics question the Book of Jonah because they do not believe God is in the miracle-making business.  Scripture says Jonah was swallowed by a great fish, not specifically a whale, and God literally used a fish to rescue him.  155 more words

At The Father's Feet Daily Devotional

Bali Wreck Diving.

There are a few great wrecks to dive on the eastern side of Bali.

These are easy shore entry dives in clear, warm water.

The USAT Liberty wreck was an armed cargo steamship that was torpedoed by the Japanese in 1942. 25 more words


Conclusion Post

This post relates to Guess Where We Are Now, since the first post was getting big I decided to start a second post as a conclusion. 230 more words


Just a bunch of rambling on functioning, what actually happened to me, how my life .......

How do we go on? How do we survive? How do we pick up the pieces that are left? How do we try and live our lives as if nothing happened as others want us to so forcefully do? 3,032 more words


City Living in Nargana

(Waisaladup, San Blas, Panama)

Today was a bit of a change-up in our regular San Blas daze. We cruised over to Nargana to do some city living. 244 more words

Lagoon 410