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Stern Shot of the Nagano Maru

Description: Stern shot

Date: 2014 Truk Expedition

Depth: The stern is resting around 180 fsw

Notes: The Nagano Maru is a classic Deep/Technical dive. This is a well-preserved Truk wreck and well worth diving.


"Emily" Flying Boat (Kawanishi H8K)

Description: Japanese Kawanishi H8K flying boat called an “Emily” by the Allies. This aircraft was heavily armed so she was also called “the flying porcupine”. 24 more words


Scuba Diving, Honiara

The diving around Honiara  (aka “H-town”), almost without exception, is wreck diving. There are a LOT of wrecks in the waters off Guadalcanal, thanks to a little WWII skirmish known as the Battle of Guadalcanal. 1,293 more words


Starting to write again!!

BlessingsI know it has been awhile since I posted anything, like a year 😉 but that is going to change. I have tons of stories, some good, some not so good, some that are hilarious and some that will make you cry. 183 more words


Part II: Run to the Wrecks for Early Summer Success

I squinted my eyes and peered back into the chart plotter.  The small boat graphic on the screen indicating our position slowly came to rest fully encompassing the small red dot marking the wreck site.   770 more words


THIS Is Why I Hate Getting Behind Semis

First, let me preface this blog post by saying we have NOTHING against truck drivers.  For the most part, they are among the most courteous and safest drivers on the road. 58 more words


Anyone call for a tow truck ?

Rusted and Rooted in a farmers field, fading away by the watering hole. Further inspection found it was rigged up to the the water pump for the sheep. 11 more words