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TaylorMade Golf SLDR/JetSpeed Driver Torque Wrench Tool

For TaylorMade SLDR & JetSpeed Drivers! Adjust the loft by loosening the screw in the heel with the wrench, rotating the head, then tightening the screw.

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Can We Do It? Yes We Can!

You work too hard Daddy, all the time, and you deserve a nap. Don’t worry, Daddy… I’ve got this. I have seen Bob the Builder, and I have watched you fix lots of things around the house, so I can do it. 50 more words

#307 Ungrateful Children

It is heartwrenching to listen to parents talking about their ungrateful children.


I reached enlightenment about something earlier today, but I’ll be damned if I can remember what it was. Sleeping until 2 PM after weeks of 2-3 hour shut-eye interludes will probably have that affect. 739 more words


The Tools Series - The Wrench

I’m overdue (waaaay overdue) to releasing a new pattern in the Tools Series – so here is the Wrench.

This one is just slightly more challenging than the previous ones, only because some of the pieces are small. 34 more words


6 in 1!

If you need
. a ruler (in inch and mm)
. a wrench (3 sizes 1/4, 5/16, 3/8)
. a box cutter
. a screw driver… 32 more words


Match a string String against large list of regexps, performance, in Java

I have following:

private static List<Pattern> pats;

This list contains around 90 patterns that is instantiated before iteration. The patterns are complex, like:

System.out.println("pat: " + pats.get(0).toString());

// pat: \bsingle1\b|\bsingle2\b|(?=.*\bcombo1\b)(?=.*\bcombo2\b)|\bsingle3\b ... 148 more words