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Channing Tatum Wrestling Men In 'Out Magazine'

Most actors have to take jobs they regret later just so they can pay the bills and Channing Tatum is no different. Back in the day, Channing was featured wrestling with another man in Out Magazine just to get a paycheck. 20 more words


Just an Average Joe wins WrestleMaina 30, but its all fake

Wrestling is fake. We all know that right? But I do have to give props to its ability to captivate an audience. In Sunday night’s WrestleMania 30 a guy who looks like he is from from Duck Dynasty won, an apparent legend lost and fans sucked it all in like Game 7 of the World Series. 73 more words


Squaring the Circle

World Health Day April 7th 2014

“Nothing else but ideas will change the world, but they can only do so at their own pace, when they become assimilated and people begin to think differently. 1,685 more words


Wrestlemania 30

I’m not at Wrestlemania, therefore I’ve failed #19: Go to Wrestlemania.

Denial and Isolation





- Kris

Hulk Hogan Gives Predictions for WWE’s WrestleMania XXX

- Hulk Hogan spoke with RedEyeChicago.com to promote WWE’s WrestleMania XXX. Hogan also gave his predictions for the matches:

Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena
“John Cena will defeat Bray Wyatt, without a doubt, and finally move on from that family that has been pestering him for such a long time.” 112 more words

WWE News And Events

Blog update

I thought I should mention what’s going on with this blog in case there are a few ‘real’ followers. Also just to record for myself what’s going on. 371 more words