Watch Leonardo DiCaprio Fight Like A Wuss At Coachella

Forget trying to win an Oscar, Leonardo DiCaprio needs to learn how to fight!

According to TMZ, the Wolf Of Wall Street actor and his friends were play fighting at Diddy’s Revolt Party Sunday at Coachella and DiCaprio looked kind of embarrassing….okay maybe it was embarrassing but its hilarious. 109 more words


Ultimate Warrior vs. Phil Collins

The recent passing of The Ultimate Warrior has made me sad for many different reasons. Not only am I sad because we lost the Warrior so soon after he made peace with the WWE. 70 more words


RAW is WARrior- Recap and Thoughts

This week’s RAW starts with a shot of the entire roster on the stage in front of the Titantron with Warrior’s face on it. Most of the roster is wearing Warrior shirts, except notably John Cena and Randy Orton, who were probably bigger Hulkamaniacs as kids. 2,087 more words


[Wrestling] Paul's WWE Raw 4/14/2014 Review

Raw Opening: Ultimate Warrior Tribute

It is crazy to think that just last week Warrior was wowing the fans with his Raw return, making us all nostalgic with his signature mannerisms that all the fans who followed him loved. 1,619 more words


A night to cherish! We take a look at Saint Ignatius' 2013-14 Winter Sports Awards.

By Eddie Dwyer, Copyright April 2014

Cleveland, Ohio -  After Saint Ignatius’ outstanding Athletics Director Rory Fitzpatrick ’88 addressed the athletes who comprised the Wildcats’ Winter Sports Teams, along with their coaches, parents and other family members, he made one request to everyone in attendance at Monday night’s Winter Sports Awards Ceremony – to give Coach Pat O’Rourke’s 2014 State Champion Ice Hockey Team a well-deserved round of applause. 905 more words


[Wrestling] Paul's WWE Smackdown 4/11/2014 Review

Opening Segment: John Cena Opens Smackdown

John Cena comes out to his usual reaction, and I have to say he cut a pretty lame promo. Essentially it was a recap of WrestleMania and Raw, you know the shows we all saw. 1,180 more words


[Wrestling] Paul's Favorite Five: Favorite Saves

This week on RAW we were treated to the igniting of what is sure to be a classic feud between The Shield and the three prominent members of the famed Evolution stable. 1,092 more words