Cesaro Joining The Authority

With Cesaro loosing all the momentum he had going into Wrestlemania 30 it seems as if he has fallen into the mid card stranglehold. Cesaro has always been a top tier talent, no matter where he has worked. 424 more words


Olympic wrestling champion Henry Cejudo's UFC debut rescheduled

Beijing Olympic wrestling champion Henry Cejudo will make his UFC debut Dec. 13 in Phoenix, his hometown.

Cejudo became the youngest U.S. Olympic wrestling champion at 21 at Beijing 2008. 70 more words


STRAIGHT SHOOT: Jason Aaron & Jason Solomon

This Monday’s edition of The World’s Smartest Rasslin Talk Show will see the return of a fan-favorite guest, as well as the first appearance of one of my wrestling podcast peers. 331 more words


Max Landis returns to STRAIGHT SHOOT!

I always look forward to WWE pay-per-views, not just because, you know, wrestling matches, but because it means that more often than not, one of my favorite STRAIGHT SHOOT guests is returning to the show. 287 more words


On Wrestling, The Culture of the Sport, and Ferguson

It was really a pleasure doing this interview with the great Eddie Goldman “The Conscious of Combat Sports”. You can listen to the hour long interview here.

St. Louis

Keeping Steen's Character

Kevin Steen is one of the best wrestlers on the planet bar none. Yes that is correct one of the best in the world. I could put him up against most talent in any big league promotion right now and he could compete and put on a great show with each and every roster member. 412 more words