WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Predictions.

So no one signed up for the prediction contest.  Too late now.  Ah well.  Maybe I’ll try again later on.  Anyways, lets see who I think will win and why. 445 more words


2015 WWE Royal Rumble Predictions

The 2015 WWE Royal Rumble takes place on Sunday January 25th at 8:00 p.m. Below is the card for the event, with thoughts and our predicted winners. 665 more words


Fight Theater: Andre the Giant - Larger than Life

This is an older documentary from several years ago about Andre the Giant. Andre was truly one of a kind and one of the guys who helped put wrestling – or sports entertainment – on the map.


WW...B? Weekend Wrestling Begins!

It all kicked off with Charey an Stevie flying (driving solo) to a wrestling match last night…

It’s a funny sport wrestling – it’s more like dancing meets gymnastics. 542 more words


CHIKARA's Season 15 Starts this Sunday!

CHIKARA’s Season 15 Starts
this Sunday!

We are proud to present our Season 15 premiere, “A New Start,” this Sunday afternoon at the 2300 Arena (formerly the ECW Arena!) … 405 more words


It's time to Rumble, it's time for the ROYAL RUMBLE

It’s one can’t miss event of the year for both wrestling fans and used to be wrestling fans. It’s the Royal Rumble, where 30 men try to throw each other over the top rope for a main event slot at WrestleMania. 119 more words


Welcome to RGCWorld on Wordpress

Many have said they’d like to see it, many more have said nothing of the sort.

RGC is returning to blogging!

Although, I’m much more likely to focus on movie reviews, but we’ll see how it goes, I’m full of opinion and rants. 1,130 more words