New Generation Project Podcast

The New Generation Project Podcast softens the blow of you ever having seen a WWF New Generation PPV; with humorous insight, amiable hosts and plenty of decent wrestling trivia. 770 more words


Short review: “The Best in the World at What I have No Idea”

I finished Chris Jericho’s “The Best in the World at What I have No Idea” last Sunday. All in all it’s pretty good. It’s not like “A Lion’s Tale” where he gives lessons about how to get started in wrestling and there aren’t as many hurdles for Y2J as there were during his first WWF/WWE run like they were in “Undisputed.” Don’t get me wrong, Jericho gets into some pickles, but the situations he finds themselves in are some of the pitfalls that come with being a top WWE star. 178 more words


Feed Me A Push: Ryback is Back

I originally started writing an article titled “Feed Me a Comeback: The decline of Ryback” but due to recent events I have re written the article as can be seen below. 547 more words


Christopher DeJoseph & Michael Kingston on STRAIGHT SHOOT

STRAIGHT SHOOT is all about bringing you new and varied voices, which is why on our very next post-Raw episode, I’m welcoming not one, but TWO individuals who have NEVER been on The World’s Smartest Rasslin Talk Show! 372 more words


Paul's WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 Review

From a match standpoint, not a single moment from last nights event left me dissapointed. Storyline wise, I can only say that I have one gripe about how things played out. 1,862 more words


Yesterday’s match results:
Win: 1
Loss: 1

LOL and in that order. ;D
おもしろかった。I had fun! @_@;;;

My body is stiff and sore, but I feel like I’m getting stronger. 71 more words