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Do You Think You’re the Worst Sinner Ever?

Do You Think You’re the Worst Sinner Ever? If so, there’s hope for you.

Saul, in his own words, was a blasphemer of God and a persecutor of Christ and His disciples. 1,029 more words

Bible Studies

Ad Infinitum - 1

They said living in this world was fun,
Making friends was easy,
And that once you had someone,
You would end up being together,
Ad infinitum. 144 more words


A Most Wicked Spell

Now that he’s freed from the mirror
His evil design is clearer
He’s casting a most wicked spell
This demon-like never-do-well
He only has one simple goal… 111 more words


The Broken

Father, hear the hearts of the broken and heal the hearts of the broken!

Evil Hunting

I Am Wretched - Thank God!

We think too well of ourselves.

Okay, maybe not you, but certainly me, and I’m sure there are others who can relate.

When we aren’t aware of our own inadequacy, we lose passion for life, and more importantly, for God. 389 more words


Are Christians "WRETCHED" Sinners? by Jesse Morrell

Are Christians “WRETCHED” Sinners?

By Jesse Morrell


It is very sad and very telling for any “Christian” to call themselves “wretched.” What a poor testimony of Jesus Christ! 435 more words