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Empty Miracles

Not that there are not miracles, not that there are not supernatural phenomena; but we seek them because our minds and hearts are so poor, so empty, so wretched, so ugly, and we think we can overcome that poverty of mind and heart by seeking those miracles, running and chasing after phenomena. 277 more words

Holy Sinner

The Wretched Lady

She calls me now and then over phone
brief she would talk at times
lengthy she would go most times
talking of events of past… 116 more words


Teach Me To Say

Oh what I wretched one I have become
I have forgotten to feel
And thus I am numb
I no longer see
Now blind in my own despair… 195 more words


Acts 4:20 Productions Inteviews TONY VERKINNES!

You may know him as (aka) ‘That Lutheran Guy’ but I know him as Todd Friehl’s sidekick from WRETCHED Radio.  That baritone voice that interjects his thoughts and ideas to listeners around the world.  86 more words


It Snows And Snows

It snows and snows
Then it snows some more.

Cold winter hangs on
No spring song
All I hear is
That wretched snowing song… 19 more words


It's All Relative?

All of the great philosophers have attempted to answer the really important questions. Are people innately good? How do we determine what is moral? Where do those socks go when they are lost in the drier? 558 more words