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First Flight With The Wright Brothers

National Aviation Day, a holiday established by president Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1939 to celebrate developments in aviation. The date selected was the birth date of aviation pioneer Orville Wright, who, along with his older brother Wilbur, is credited with inventing and building the world’s first practical fixed-wing aircraft and making the first controlled, powered and sustained flight more than a hundred years ago. 63 more words

History of the American Aviator - Part 1 - First in Flight

On December 17, 1903, from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, bicycle shop owner Orville Wright telegraphed his father the following: “Success four flights Thursday morning all against twenty one mile wind started from Level with engine power alone average speed through air thirty one miles longest 57 seconds inform press home Christmas.” With this, he and brother Wilbur ascended into esteem as the inventors and pilots of the first engine powered airplane – The Flyer. 224 more words

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Keep Believing.

You can do it.
You can continue to build the life you want… as long as you believe you can.
So do you believe?

So much of our ability to persevere is the belief that we can. 388 more words

Albert Einstein

Wretched Richard's Almanac: Come Fly With Me

September 17, 1908

It had been about five years since Wilbur and Orville Wright had made history with their airplane flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. 341 more words


The Future of Aviation

The first powered aircraft

The first powered aircraft that gave pilots adequate control while in the air was built by the Wright brothers. The aircraft called the Kitty Hawk took its maiden flight on December 17, 1903, in North Carolina, USA. 673 more words


The Reason The Wright Brothers Did Not Need Money To Be Successful

Back in the early 20th century, everyone in the United States was pursuing powered flight like the dot coms of the 1990s.

In this pursuit, one man, Samuel Pierpont Langley, had what we assume to be the recipe for success. 540 more words



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The year is 1903. Two Ohio bicycle shop owners named Wilbur and Orville Wright are making history at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. 102 more words