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Hubba Bubba Toil and Trouble

Twisting, twirling of the gum,
Twiddling, turning on my thumb,
Stretching, folding like blue tack,
I really should have flicked it back
Inside my mouth from whence it came. 54 more words


To my friends over at Wrigley's - this one's for you!


“How long have I been enjoying skittles, you ask? Well, that would be 19 years and 364 days to be exact. Because on my 20th birthday, I bought a bag of skittles, and what did I get?

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Everyone has a first time in everything, Some “first times” are usually unforgettable and this is just one of them. Just after i cleared my form four, I managed to apply for a job at an IT Company and lady luck smiled at me coz my first attempt at searching for a job had been fruitful. 878 more words


Rick Stacy On Demand 3.14.14

Warren Buffett’s billion dollar bracket prize, Michael Jackson’s monkey abuse, and Wrigley’s anti-impotence gum make up today’s edition of Rick Stacy On Demand!

SUNNY Update… 265 more words


Chewing gum, what happens to it?

This vid was great for me as it answered a lifelong question for me.  When I had my tonsils out when I was a wee one, there was a girl in the hospital room with me.  65 more words


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I would have to agree. After chewing gum for so long I do not want to chew it anymore. After reading your article, and watching the video I do not think that I will ever buy it again. Thanks for posting!

Eclipse Spearmint

First impression: Fairly strong initial spearmint flavor. It’s a little too sharp and chemical for my taste.

Texture: fine, not too sticky and stays fairly consistent. 132 more words