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Write the Novel - Very Special Old Port (VSOP)

This is the fourth in our mini-series on critique abbreviations. It helps to know what VSOP stands for in the non-writing world.

Very Special Old Pale (VSOP) Cognac is a brandy, is distilled from Ugni Blanc grapes, grown only in the region of Cognac, France. 859 more words

Sharon Wildwind

Write a Novel: July Update

After last month’s update, I knew I needed to cut myself some slack. My novel to-dos were piling up, I was overwhelmed, and whenever I actually had time to write, I just sat there freaking out because I knew I was never going to finish everything. 466 more words


Level Thinking - Merit Badges for Writers, Part 1

For those of you who don’t remember the dim mists of time, the 1953 edition of the U. S. Girl Scout Handbook was the last edition published before there were Juniors and Cadettes, each with her own handbook. 602 more words

Sharon Wildwind

Write the Novel - Perfectly Nice Syndrome (PNS)

This is the third in our mini-series of critique abbreviations. Today let’s look at Perfectly Nice Syndrome (PNS).

A fellow writer once described to me her elaborate plot, which involved jealousy, revenge, and a woman’s ruined reputation. 1,082 more words

Sharon Wildwind

Write the Novel - Stop Telling, Start Showing (STSS)

Show, don’t tell is the absolute queen of critique comments. I get it all the time. So does every person, in every critique group I’ve ever been in. 1,070 more words

Sharon Wildwind

Write the Novel: What body language conveys emotions?

This is the start of a six part mini-series on things I do over and over in writing; things my critique buddies always catch me out on. 1,357 more words

Sharon Wildwind

Write the Novel: The First Complete Rewrite

We did it! Finished draft zero, the unfinished manuscript. Wrote all the way to The End, -30-, or Finished, whatever our choice of ending words were. 404 more words

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