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Level Thinking - Things I learned at When Words Collide

I’m fortunate to have attended all four When Words Collide. This is a genre writers conference, held each August in Calgary, Alberta. If you’re a writer, and there is any chance you’ll be in Calgary 2015 August 14 to 16, I urge you to… 666 more words

Sharon Wildwind

Write the Novel - Primary Plot

In any book, the primary plot is where the heavy lifting gets done. It’s what the book is about. Those of us who write genre fiction know there are both restrictions and freedoms. 831 more words

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Write the Novel - Build a Better Segue (BBS)

This blog completes our series of five critique abbreviations. Today’s abbreviation is BBS – Built a Better Segue.

It’s not pronounced the way it looks. Segue — seg-way — meaning a smooth transition between music pieces, conversation topics, scenes, or chapters. 693 more words

Sharon Wildwind

Write the Novel — Violence as Dialog (VAD)

This is the fourth of our five discussions about critique comments that show up over and over. Today I’m writing about VAD: Violence as dialog. 1,213 more words

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I'm Going to Write A Novel

That’s right. I have been jotting and writing for years: ideas, blurbs, quotes, thoughts, geographical ideas, plot lines, and characters. Now, it is time to blend them together, and to create something. 636 more words


Write the Novel - Very Special Old Port (VSOP)

This is the fourth in our mini-series on critique abbreviations. It helps to know what VSOP stands for in the non-writing world.

Very Special Old Pale (VSOP) Cognac is a brandy, is distilled from Ugni Blanc grapes, grown only in the region of Cognac, France. 859 more words

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Write a Novel: July Update

After last month’s update, I knew I needed to cut myself some slack. My novel to-dos were piling up, I was overwhelmed, and whenever I actually had time to write, I just sat there freaking out because I knew I was never going to finish everything. 466 more words