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Pitch Me!

In a matter of days, I’ll be sitting in a chair across from one of the most intimidating people I’ll ever meet.

A New York editor. 589 more words

Amanda K Byrne

Watching From the Sidelines: The Downfall of Ellora's Cave

By now I’m going to assume that a lot of you have heard about the lawsuit brought by the owner of Ellora’s Cave against Dear Author, a book review blog that focuses primarily on romance and its various sub-genres. 806 more words

Amanda K Byrne

Rumor Has It...

I don’t know how widely this story has rippled outside the romance publishing world, but a lot of people have been talking about the implosion of publisher Ellora’s Cave. 451 more words

Amanda K Byrne

The Indie Files, Part Six - How to Make a Book

So last time, we covered metadata. This time around, we’re gettin’ the goods on formatting.

Formatting can either be easy or hard. But before you can do anything, you have to have the book in order. 880 more words

Amanda K Byrne

The Neglectful Writer

A year ago, the BF and I bought our first house. It’s a cute little two bedroom, one bath, with a large yard. Since we moved in, we’ve spent an inordinate amount of time pulling morning glory (aka bindweed, aka chokeweed) and blackberries (invasive little shits). 972 more words

Amanda K Byrne

Blood Sacrifices to the Writing Gods (or: Rewriting a Story)

I was having a very whiny moment the other day, talking with one of my CPs. See, I’ve been asked to do something I’ve never had to do before – I have to re-write one of my stories. 679 more words

Amanda K Byrne