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Blood Sacrifices to the Writing Gods (or: Rewriting a Story)

I was having a very whiny moment the other day, talking with one of my CPs. See, I’ve been asked to do something I’ve never had to do before – I have to re-write one of my stories. 679 more words


Fear! The Great Equalizer!

Fear’s a great motivator. It’s an even better leash.

I was talking with one of my writer buddies the other day about fear. We’re both in the midst of some hand-wringing moments, and trying to move past them is…difficult. 630 more words


First Monday: Not About Love

Another month, another project. But you knew that already, didn’t you? :)

In between drafting Blood and Shadows, revising a synopsis for a book I’d pitched to my editor, and drafting and revising a novella for a special submissions call, I’ve been working on final revisions of a book I wrote two years ago, … 710 more words


Closing the Book on a Book

For the past month, I’ve been splitting revision time on a couple of different projects (in between drafting Blood and Shadows), including a project I wrote two years ago and last revised, oh, god, well over a year go? 1,029 more words


That Thing You Don't Do

This post contains spoilers of season two of The Following and Karina Halle’s Bold Tricks. On the off chance you might want to watch/read either, consider yourself warned. 1,044 more words


First Monday: Blood and Shadows

Since my last First Monday post, I haven’t succeeded in settling in to any one project for the duration. I finished the first draft of a short novella (really short, it’s clocking in at less than 20k at the moment). 490 more words


Ain't Got No Strings To Hold Me Down

You remember how Pinocchio said “I’m a boy! I’m a real boy!”? I wonder when I’ll get to say “I’m an author! I’m a real author!” 551 more words