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Poetry, book-spine style

Back in high school, I wrote really bad poetry. I am not a poet. I love poetic language, but poetry is often beyond me. So many times it strikes me as a string of words that happen to sound pretty when placed next to one another. 222 more words


First Monday: Game of Shadows

This month’s First Monday snippet is from my current work in progress, tentatively called Game of Shadows. It’s a New Adult romance with a heavy dash of suspense; the heroine, Cass, is an assassin when she’s not in class, partying, or hanging out with her best friend and roommate. 710 more words



I like lists.

I like them a lot.

I like making them and crossing things off them. Something about all those lines through all those tasks is weirdly soothing. 922 more words


Your Next Plot Bunny

Someone posted this on Facebook a while ago. It’s awkward as hell, and while you’re watching it you’ll probably be blushing and fidgeting and wanting to look elsewhere and cursing yourself for your voyeuristic tendencies. 72 more words


The Indie Files, Part Four: Cover Me

You know what the most important part of your book is? Okay, the second most important part of your book?

The cover.

C’mon, you know I’m right. 914 more words


The Panic Switch

Feedback is a double-edged sword. One side can make us feel absolutely totally awesome and completely invincible. The other…well, you’ve seen the other side. It’s not always pretty. 468 more words


First Monday: A peek at TOUCH

Because I like trying new things, I’m starting a new feature. On the first Monday of every month, I’ll post a couple paragraphs of whatever I’m working on, whether I’m drafting or revising. 936 more words