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That Thing You Don't Do

This post contains spoilers of season two of The Following and Karina Halle’s Bold Tricks. On the off chance you might want to watch/read either, consider yourself warned. 1,044 more words


First Monday: Blood and Shadows

Since my last First Monday post, I haven’t succeeded in settling in to any one project for the duration. I finished the first draft of a short novella (really short, it’s clocking in at less than 20k at the moment). 490 more words


Ain't Got No Strings To Hold Me Down

You remember how Pinocchio said “I’m a boy! I’m a real boy!”? I wonder when I’ll get to say “I’m an author! I’m a real author!” 551 more words


I'm Not Drinking the Kool-Aid

I live and die by my schedule. I’m kind of obsessed with it, trying to plan out as much as I can in advance. I like to torture myself, you see. 743 more words


The Indie Files, Part Five - The Part About the Data

Now we’re getting into the technical shit, the shit I literally know nothing about.

A few weeks ago, I thought the next part in this series would be about formatting. 1,161 more words


The Missing Ingredient

It’s been almost a month since I read Emma Mars’ Hotelles, the story of a young escort led on a journey of sexual discovery by her future brother in law, and I still have Thoughts. 607 more words


Beating the Cat

How To Complete A Beat Sheet:

1) Find nearest hard surface.

2) Bang head on said surface. Repeat as necessary.

I had a long conversation the other day with my editor. 674 more words