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6 Signs That Shows Your Ex Wants You Back

If your ex wants you back, it’s easy to tell.

Breakup: a time to fret, to sulk, and to ponder the could of, should of, would of been. 684 more words


Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Review

Ultimax, despite being a made up word for all we know, describes the latest and reportedly last of the Persona 4 Arena series. It is in many ways the ultimate rendition of an Atlus x ArcSysWorks fighter; with revamped combos, a slew of new characters, and versions of both new and old characters that change the mechanics completely, all with new and improved modes to test your mettle against computer and human opponents. 1,387 more words


Patriots of my land

The world in anarchy
Ruled by an an hierarchy
Managed by a monarchy
Looking upon us with great scorn
Because of them my people mourn… 57 more words



Yesterday morning at Mass we witnessed a group if children receiving their First Holy Communion.

Something disturbed a few parishioners from this celebration: the disregard of the sanctity of Holy Mass, and the sacrament of Holy Communion itself. 140 more words

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Get active

I recently joined gym for the first time in my life. In the past I have been active in school. I was part of the track team and badminton team in my school. 440 more words


“Papering” an employee’s personnel file: Dr. Jekyll becomes Mr. Hyde

“Papering” an employee’s personnel file: Dr. Jekyll becomes Mr. Hyde

 Employers are advised to document the job performance of their employees. The documentation of job performance is particularly important when an employer is accusing an employee of poor job performance.  301 more words

When neuroscience meet education

One of the perks of doing my projects is that I get to learn new things throughout the experience. The topic in my recent project was Neuroeducation. 274 more words