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We're Going on a Bunker Hunt

So there is this exciting thing happening today. I don’t care if it rains. We are going to go find this thing! But first…an explanation.

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Daily Dialogue: A Rape of Happiness

For 40 minutes a day, two imaginary women talk about what I tell them on this cheat writing day.

Where do we begin?

Helen… 847 more words


Define yourself

At age eleven, my first year in high school a girl called me eccentric. Back then I didn’t fully understand the meaning of the word. I felt offended and was hesitant to speak to her again. 78 more words


Writer Finds Lesson In "BIG Game"

Good afternoon! I am sure that today’s focus is the BIG game — so, I’ll make this a brief one. I am feeling just a little ‘torn’ today because my team didn’t make it! 169 more words


The problem with writing is that once you start, you cannot stop. Every second of every waking hour, the words keep up a persistent attack. All of them clamouring to be heard, all the stories begging to be written down and immortalised for all of eternity. 239 more words


Okay, so.
So, I met this guy who was great. Was, because he isn’t anymore.
I thought we were going to have something good, but really, I don’t believe in that anymore. 83 more words