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The Difference Between Fame and Greatness

Question: If everyone is great, doesn’t that mean that none of us are? and that we are in fact just lifting the bar on mediocrity?

818 more words

Too Little, Too Late

Grandma was so mad at me, she was waving her finger at me and talking under her breath with her lips so tight they were literally white. 185 more words


Not so Merry Christmas

After the few encounters with the other side, it all just came to a screeching halt. No more contact, no phone calls, nothing as if it never was. 253 more words


Dead Highways, Origins By Richard Brown

Dead Highways, Origins
By Richard Brown

Chapter 23

Jimmy , Baby Olivia from The hospital , Peaches, Bowser and Jimmies Grandma arrive at officer Robinsons house, officer Robinson is surprised to see Bowser as he Invites them Inside – Officer Robinson ‘s house was located In The Nonth Western Part of town called Carnival Groves – Its a quite Place – a heavily wooded area – officer Robinson didn’t want Bowser Because he didn’t trust him But Jimmy talked to him Plus Bowser Paid him The money he owed him from when They were Friends and had Bet on a game – officer Robinson let Bowser stay – officer Robinson’s home is an old Ranch style home on the outside But was Brand New On The inside – They are located on floridas east Coast - 72 more words


Fill the Space

He laughed in my face
She quickened her pace
Brace for the mace of the chase.

and with precision
We race to fill the space. 103 more words

Water in Motion

As rain pours down

Listen to the sounds

Of life all around.

Subtle and steady

Drops lay on the leaves

Trickling down

Giving life to seeds. 31 more words


National Guacamole Day and Love Three Ways

It’s been nearly a month since I’ve decided that sitting on my bed at this aging Toshiba is something I should do. Sit down and write that is. 530 more words