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Most Influential Writing Moment

In the response to http://aopinionatedman.com/2014/04/17/challenge-most-influential-writing-moment/
I am going to share ‘my most influential writing moment moments’.
I have such glorious moments very often. There are two types of them that I have experienced. 155 more words

Blogging? Huh?

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Day 17 in the Oven

I suppose this poem doesn’t need a whole lot of set up.

The Fever

I truly hope you are all having a fantastic week, and I appreciate y’all stopping by and checking out my words.

Redefine the Hand

Experiencing and remembering
focus, “What’s on your mind?”
style?, relationships? or the freedom that has passed?
replaced, I couldn’t get away from the distance of your human touch. 47 more words


Day 221 - Nothin' Wrong Wid Us

Five girls on the lineup, none of us blonde,
I guess maybe that’s the problem.

We all got degrees, we all got jobs
and none of us got a text back. 162 more words


The Beginning.

The only way to be a better writer is to write.

And write. And write again.

It is also a form of escape from pain and the outside world. 188 more words

Most beautiful thing in my arms.

And when I hugged her and got back & The moment I saw into her eyes, I could see the most beautiful thing in my arms. 49 more words

As Random As Me.


These week I stayed mostly at home because of the weather. And I felt really tired, without energy. And I don’t understand why…

I mean I sleep enough, I eat healthy food, I drink water, I do everything a normal person does. 178 more words

Me, Myself And I