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I don't care about you because you are hurting.

I don’t care about you because you are hurting.
I care about you because you are a friend.
I care about you because when I had no one, 153 more words


Safety First!


I always see this in all construction sites.

To remind everyone that they have to wear their safety gears before going to the site. 765 more words


Come Touch Me

You’ve heard me now

My voice

The inflection

Insatiable wanting

Of you.

My wordsmith

Won’t you write to me

About my storm

My night

With you? 25 more words


December 21 | Fourth Sunday in Advent


Rip this page out of your journal. Use it to write a love note (romantic or otherwise) and send it to someone who might need it.

Advent 2014

Mammasaurus-is that even a word?

Hey everyone so ive been reading over past posts and realized how many words ive mispelt I usually write during feeds when my eyes are all droopy with a ravenous baby boy attacking my upper personals lol … but I will eventually go through past posts and fix the spelling up :)

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How To Write – The Fastest Way To Create E-Books

Other articles on the InfoProfitz blog at Info Profitz can help you turn words into wealth through email marketing, blogging and self publishing. How to write?  159 more words


I try not to write and seem so sad

Always focused on the bad

I guess that’s all I’ve ever had

All the good I can’t see… 31 more words