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Dance for the warm hearts.
Go karts.
Dance when the show starts, with larky parts and sparky darts.
Dance when the love feels, Catherine wheels and minds heal. 74 more words


Broke Me Free

I was held in captivity,
By the world of negativity.
Couldn’t think of any positivity.
I believed when they made fun of me.
Heard all the wrong they saw in me. 33 more words

Beauty in Simplicity

“A beautiful answer isn’t necessarily a good answer.”

Sometimes we get so caught up in having to give beautiful answer that we forget that an honest answer… 25 more words

What's My Passion?!

I had to think for a while.

How could I be so confused?

It sort of made me smile.

I was quite amused!


A passion is a passion… 218 more words


Poetry challenge: One word poem

This is a challenge I was given when I did a creative writing short course two years ago.

I really enjoyed it, so I’m sharing it with you. 163 more words


One Morning

There were a lot of dreams that night. There were oceans with waves as high as skycrappers; dolphins swimming in underground rivers lighten by the light of a millions fluorescent fireflies. 201 more words


To Failure and Apology

To Failure and Apology
By Allie Marie

I have failed you
my dear friend.
You nickel and dimes those bets
of that you thought I could change. 49 more words