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Free Thought Unedited

Morning light, come slay the night. Take these dreams from my sight.

And the Man said, “What do you seek in the darkness’s calm, through tear dropped window panes and quotations of lightning?” 60 more words



She’ll share the same fucked up fate

This life of self hate

You’ll just see the smile; it’s fake

The one I use every damn day… 74 more words

Thoughts And What Not.

Hope Never Leaves

You can’t always see it.
You can’t always feel it.
Sometimes, it seems far away.
Life, sometimes, makes it seem like it has abandoned you. 19 more words

Stuff I Wrote About

Demons & Writing

In high school English classes I wrote essays about my future as an electrical engineer. I would shape the world. The inventions I would design would find their way into your smartphone: your pockets and life. 380 more words


I stare at the phone for something like five minutes before I decide to dial, but honestly, that’s not bad considering I’ve been feeling trepidation about this phone call for months. 1,114 more words

I Wrote A Thing

And like seriously, I don’t expect anyone to read it. This is just thoughts that kinda flow as if it was spoken word but some of them rhyme so I don’t know. 625 more words


Watching the Little Things Slip Away Then Burning It To The Ground

Drive and passion. Two things that not many people have. How many people watch the little things slip away then the years go by and everything is basically the same? 629 more words