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Interview with CL Chase of The MacKenzie Murphy Series

Writer Wednesday got off to a late start today because sometimes life happens while we’re making other plans! Lela

Today, I am interviewing CL Chase, the writer of the Detective MacKenzie Murphy series. 1,913 more words


Crime Fiction: The Truth About Police Investigation With Joe Giacalone

Joanna Penn regularly uploads stacks of useful information about writing onto her website, thecreativepenn.com. I’m rapidly making my way through all of her Youtube interviews, and I found this one, with ex-cop Joe Giacalone, especially interesting due to his first-hand accounts of American police procedures and investigative techniques… plus he sounds a bit like Columbo.


A Little Bit About Me

I’ll use this page to make periodic posts about imaginary world invention in the news, up-to-date research on the topic, and random acts of worldplay I have the good fortune to come across. 132 more words

Talking Just To Be Talking

Many people run their mouths and don’t mean half the shit they say. And then there are those like K Sherrie.

This interview is a special one to me. 820 more words

Literary Spotlight

Writer Interview-Vicky Loebel

Tell me about your book.

Speakeasy Dead is light-hearted historical urban fantasy set in the roaring twenties about a young would-be witch who tries to bring her film star idol back from the brink of death and may (or may not) unleash a zombie plague in the process. 463 more words

Charting A Path