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Elmore Leonard: The Story-Writing Process

It sounds easy when you put it like that, Elmore.


The Hidden Tools Of Comedy: The Complete Film Courage Interview with Steve Kaplan

I’ve got to admit, when I first started watching this video, I was dubious of what I could learn. You can’t teach comedy, I thought, there are no rules. 28 more words


Getting to know Herman Koch a little better

A lot of people come across my blog by googling Herman Koch and his work Summer House with Swimming Pool. Most come here looking for definitive answers to the ending of that book. 120 more words

Interview with CL Chase of The MacKenzie Murphy Series

Writer Wednesday got off to a late start today because sometimes life happens while we’re making other plans! Lela

Today, I am interviewing CL Chase, the writer of the Detective MacKenzie Murphy series. 1,913 more words


Crime Fiction: The Truth About Police Investigation With Joe Giacalone

Joanna Penn regularly uploads stacks of useful information about writing onto her website, thecreativepenn.com. I’m rapidly making my way through all of her Youtube interviews, and I found this one, with ex-cop Joe Giacalone, especially interesting due to his first-hand accounts of American police procedures and investigative techniques… plus he sounds a bit like Columbo.