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The Collective Blog Post of Resources For Writers

Here it is! The conglomerate list of websites that list other websites that happen to be literary magazines. (Note that I tend to put the sites I personally use more frequently first.) 423 more words


Verbal Fight Scenes: Stages of the Fight Scene

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Verbal fight scenes can be enhanced by the view-point character’s anger (short-term, of course, but often also long-term anger), her anger management style, and the anger patterns in that relationship. 289 more words

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Anger and Growth: Secondary Character Arcs

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If you want, your character can become a catalyst of change for other characters. When your protagonist acts to change, the characters closest to her will react (if they react like real people, that is). 425 more words

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Plot Triggers

Time for our monthly chat about writing, with fellow Penguin author Kathryn Ledson, and mentor extraordinaire Sydney Smith. This month we discuss plot triggers and try to define them. 2,560 more words


An Author and the Book's Cover

“If you cannot judge a book by its cover, surely we should not judge an author by one book alone?” 

― E.A. Bucchianeri


Anger and Growth: Protagonist Character Arc

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We’ve established that anger is an emotion that sends the message to the writer that “something is wrong” in the life of the character. 447 more words

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My Entry for the TerribleMinds Flash Fiction Challenge: Opening Line Contest

Chuck Wendig is an author with a blog I follow pretty religiously. He’s funny, and has great posts on topics ranging from the best coffee makers… 86 more words