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CEM 21 No. 60 2014, Social Media

Several private messages taking me to task for “unfair” criticism of Facebook, because some believe FB is a wonderful thing.

It may have been a wonderful thing when it was first established, but the appeal is quickly eroding as many will attest. 156 more words


Imaginary Friends

A Writer’s best friends are the ones living life in his/her head. Unless they stop talking to you, then they are your worst enemy.



So hey there. Remember me?
No? Well I’m Writer X nice to meet you.

Ok all joking aside, it feels like an eternity since I last did this. 71 more words



Alright, today’s been an amazing day! A warm and sunny spring day and I’ve been full of energy, I start to feel like myself again – finally! 138 more words


Impossibly fast it was. It soared past me, knocking my hair out of its tight bun. Which made me frown. Everyday it happened. Every, single day. 67 more words


New Writing Facebook Group!

Hey all there’s a new Facebook group just formed.

its for male Erotica authors!

go check it out!



Daily Writing Part 7

Random words of the day: Baboon, rudder, mouse, box, hosepipe

Yeah! ^_^ It’s been quite a while, but it’s back! I’ve decided to get try and get… 275 more words