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Christmas Laziness

I’m lazy. I’ve already written about my said laziness, but I just need to continue my rant. By reading the title you probably know why I’m writing this–it’s Christmas time, and Christmas means shopping and being productive. 214 more words


Looked Around the Room

I woke myself from a self induced coma

Began tearing down walls

I spent years building up.

When tired, there was rest

When weak, there was sleep. 255 more words


The Conversation

Some of my friends may tell you I’ve been a little bouncing off the walls hyper lately. Something special that I’ve been working on is slowly coming into fruition and it is exciting. 525 more words


Glued to the Ground

How many nights did I cry

How many times I wished

Just one of us would die

Never told to go to my room

I was already there… 126 more words


Chapter 1 Beseeching Blues

It was his last supper, his last meal. By incandescent panes he sat. He liked it there, or at least thats what everybody assumed. Chewing on his last crumbs, slowly. 434 more words


Say It Again

Do you love me? Do you want to say it again
over breakfast, over tear-bothered shoulders
and nothings? Do you love me? In the shower, 240 more words


If you gave me the chance I'd love you

If you gave me a chance I’d take it
A chance to love you like you ought to be loved
You’d be my reason to smile… 94 more words