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Please Welcome My Amazing Friend Reece Bridger to the Blog Today!

Reece is a fellow Ravenswood Publishing author. We’ve struck up a friendship over our mutual love of writing. Despite our age difference, we have wonderful chats about our passion, proving writing and the dedication to the craft has no bounds. 637 more words


The Secret World Of Tomorrow

The Secret World Of Tomorrow

Out in the secret world of tomorrow

we spend a lot of time.

We’re all creating a place

to fly home to. 24 more words


Welcome to my Writer Notes!

If you have been following me on my other blog, then you may notice not only is my website address is different, but the other website no longer has a blog. 386 more words


My New Type Write.

So today i bought me a new type writer. One of them new fangled electronic ones.

It’s a Chromebook. Which basically means it’s limited to Google and it’s third party apps. 277 more words

A Head Trip

Writing is like dieting

Writing and dieting have an interesting relationship. I thought starving writers were motivated to write more, but the opposite is true for me. If I didn’t have a fridge to go to every time I’m stuck on a word, it would be become too expensive: I’d have  to replace all the keyboards I would smash.  268 more words


First Post

Still getting the hang of this whole ‘blog’ thing so I’ll keep this short. Hoping to use this site both as a portfolio for some of my writing work and a space to blog any and all related thoughts. 163 more words