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#Texas - Free Write

* A note about the snippet below:

I was tasked in my writing workshop to write about a mystery place for 15-20 minutes.  I’m putting it out there to get rid of the fear of imperfection.  744 more words

Writerly Things

Preview of my blog to come about our weekend with the nephews. (Is it over yet?????)

Overheard from the living room where my wife is reading while our two nephews wage war on one another with Lego dudes and fight over how much space they get on couch for their armies, “I am the Queen and Overlordess of this country and as such, I demand that you split the table and couch in half and stay on your separate sides with your armies.  67 more words

Writerly Things

Fall in #love with me. I dare you. (Oh and answer these questions!)

My lovely friend Kristin sent me this article from the New York Times this morning about how love can be an action and not just something that happens to you.  3,270 more words

Writerly Things

A Poem and a Few Words

I don’t put a lot of my own writing on here, even though it’s a blog about writing, because many places consider works posted online to be previously published, thus making them ineligible for publication, unless the place in question takes reprints (usually at a lower pay).  547 more words

Writerly Things

#ChuckWendig said write Flash Fiction. So I wrote #FlashFiction. Happy sucking Funday.

Here’s the link to Chuck’s Flash Fiction Challenge, if you’d like to see the ‘rules’ or to participate: Terrible Minds.  Below the awesome forest picture, you’ll find my Flash Fiction Submission.  1,016 more words

Writerly Things

Poetry, Planning, The Word Sanctuary

Poetry reading, I’ve found, is very personal. You’re nervous about your poem, whether it’s good or not. Your legs are shaking and your fingers tremble, but you let go all of this just to make sure you control your voice and keep it strong. 349 more words


In which I decide that certain vague ideas are bollocks.

Previously, I’d mentioned I only had vague ideas about where I would be taking this blog. I was thinking I’d write a weekly about myself, but even I find that topic tiresome, considering I spend most of my days shut in my apartment writing, drinking, and, lately, looking at sparkly things on Tumblr (I try to do daily push-ups but that usually ends in tears) before I go back to university. 212 more words

Writerly Things