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Artist's Way 3: Week 7

Week 7 is called “Recovering a  Sense of Connection.” It’s basically about feeling connected  to your creativity. There’s lots of good stuff in there about not falling victim to “perfectionism” (aka surefire ways to never finish a project), turning professional jealousy into productivity and things of that nature. 256 more words


Artist's Way 3: Week 6

Like I neva left…

Week 6 of the Artist’s Way is called “Recovering a Sense of Abundance.” Maaaaaan. Le sigh. So, those of you who really follow my blog like that, know that it’s been mooooonths since I’ve updated my latest… 220 more words


Form Rejection Bingo

“This wasn’t right for us”

“This didn’t speak to me.”

“Taking on a client is a personal decision.”

“I am not the right agent for your work.” 129 more words

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