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Word of the Day: Noun

Yup, that’s right.  Noun.  The basics are good refreshers.

“A friend is more than a noun.”


: a word that is the name of a subject or discourse (as a person or place.)

~ per Merriam-Webster


Word of the Day: Regale

I’m down from a surgery for awhile, which means no access to my computer, only a laptop.  I’m afraid that I will not be able to… 70 more words


Artist's Way 3: Week 1

Technically, this will be my fourth time doing the Artist’s Way process, but it’s the third time I’m documenting it on this blog, so we’ll go with three. 548 more words



I write for all of the above and then a few more.  Why do you write?


Review from the interloper: GLITCHMOB

Last Wednesday I was treated to a one part concert, two parts cultural revelation: my very first “EDM” show, featuring Glitchmob.

Photo by Clint Kobeska… 757 more words

Writerly Things

Coffee Costs are Brewing...

Coffee addicts beware: A drought in Brazil has caused speculative stock market prices to change the wholesale cost of coffee.  Something similar happened in 2010 and was, at that time, expected to last until 2012. 191 more words


Writerly things: Take the train!

Train travel is still a viable and reliable transportation system in the United States, despite the popularity of planes or cars.  Christina Vuono, a 30 year old speech language pathologist from Philadelphia, PA, travels by train to Atlanta, GA, every year.  351 more words