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Fear-Based Vs Love Based Action

Truth time:

I’m afraid of dying and still being a school secretary.I’m terrified that my life will become one mundane day after another, and that it will end with me never realizing my dreams. 330 more words


Another SAT Prompt

It’s been exactly fifty days since I first began working on my college application essays, and I still have exactly as much as when I first started–a few hopeful wishes, some vague notions of ideas, and a growing sense of deja vu about the brief flashes of inspiration that keep evaporating.  473 more words

Exposition Will Kill Your Screenplay!

“I’m so mad at you right this minute and I’m going to do bad things to you once I’m given the chance!” You ever read a character say this in a script? 187 more words


Writing Tips From Sesame Street

For today’s blog entry I’d like to feature one of the greatest shows ever: Sesame Street.

We all have our days when we feel like we suck. 296 more words

Recovering from Writer's Block

It’s been a while since I posted an actual blog post, instead of releasing snippets from the novel or short story. If you were at all interested in the stuff I’ve had to say, I am sorry it’s been so long. 299 more words


"Sylvia" is definitely not a feel-good flick, but it portrays writer's block well.

I put the movie Sylvia in my DVD player with trepidation. I knew I wasn’t in for a laugh-fest, but I’m compulsive about watching movies that depict the writing process, so I soldiered on. 166 more words

Tips For Overcoming Writer's Block And Procrastination

Dry Spell

Desert- arid and dry

Wastelands- vast and endless

Lucidity gives way to the

Ramblings of the delirious

Fear drapes like a cloak

Is this the end?