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Writer's Journey

A lot of writing is sitting with your eyes closed, visualizing what’s going to happen next, who’s going to say what, and how. And while writers can write anywhere (and typically write everywhere) at all times and in all places, there is an art to sitting still and letting the story tell itself. 295 more words

Upside Down Kingdom


Yes, it’s been a while, but it’s time for another (dun dun dunnn) writer’s block post.

So why do these days happen? Well, I often get writer’s block when I haven’t done much – or I haven’t done much that I’m going to publicly post about here. 151 more words

Truth is

So, in ‘Why not,,,,’ I ‘decided’ to publish some of my older stuff yes? And so far so good. But I’m lying to myself here, pretending to have ‘decided’ to do that, i didn’t decide!! 287 more words

Inspired By A Tree

Willows are my favourite kind of tree. I have been working on a story or two that includes weeping willows in the plot/setting. Taking forever it seems as sometimes things get shelved when life happens. 140 more words

Battling Writers Block

The month of July was pretty rough for me, motivation-wise. I would sit down with my laptop, fully intending to write a blog post, only to find myself lost on Pinterest an hour later. 390 more words

Just Thoughts

Handwritten wedding vows

Part I

When it came time to think about all things wedding, we decided to write our own vows. I thought this was a brilliant idea! 827 more words


Inertia and Nipple Clamps: Getting Started On A Difficult Day

Getting those first words of the day down on the page can be the worst. Thing. Ever. Writing my second thesis, it was a challenge to get going every single day. 491 more words