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Writers' Block and the cloak of worry.

I seem to find myself staring at the little blinking cursor on the WordPress screen a lot recently. I currently have 11 unfinished blog posts in my drafts; I’ve been on holiday to Devon, met J’s paternal grandparents for the first time, written up my thoughts on Post Natal Depression, and worried about how to pitch a post about the lack of bottle feeding support when I’m vehemently pro-breastfeeding. 228 more words


“Do not worry. You have always written before and you will write now. All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.” -Ernest Hemingway A Moveable Feast…

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Being Creatively Blocked

If you’re a writer, or a content creator of some sort, you’ve probably had a case of the creative-block blues. If you haven’t, though, you’re probably lying. 1,460 more words

I know I Should Write (but first let me just...)

Why is it so hard to blog consistently?

(Read above question as: why am I being lazy and finding several other things to do instead of blogging?) 446 more words



When I typed 1620 into Google, I was thinking in terms of the year. I had pictured corsets made of whale bone and gentlemen throwing their waist coats over a puddle for their lady friend to walk over. 304 more words

Allison Janda

The dark haired poet

She’s been writing all morning. ¬†She has a story niggling at the back of her curly head . . . Something about knee caps and shards of broken glass . 329 more words

That Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Stuck in the Present

Any writer can relate to that moment of feeling stuck. Creatively stammered, writer’s block, a dry spell, whatever you want to call it, it’s frustrating. One tip that I’ve used occasionally is to Google “This day in history” for interesting tidbits that fuel the imagination. 243 more words

Writer's Block