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Camp Ramblings 4-21-14

Well, I finally cracked the halfway point, with 25,026 words written.  That means that I still have 24.974 words to go, and need to write an average of 2498 words per day to finish by the end of the month.  198 more words


Writer's Block (A Kyrielle)

Tapping my pen, I try to think,
Staring at the paper covered in ink,
trying to express my thoughts begging to be free.
This writer’s block is killing me. 73 more words


Loved, Chosen, and Writing (for the Forseeable Future) at 5 a.m.—A Lesson from Anne Lamott

I just returned from Calvin College’s Festival of Faith and Writing, featuring such diverse writers as Luci Shaw, Richard Foster, Rachel Held Evans, and Anne Lamott and offering sessions on everything from how to write a book proposal to self-publishing, writing about trauma to writing novels, writing children’s books to writing faithfully about sex. 689 more words


Adaptation: Nicholas Cage as a Blocked Writer

Many movies feature characters who have writer’s block. Not surprising, because screenwriters often bring their own experiences into their manuscripts. Adaptation is one that does a beautiful job of capturing the angst and caustic inner dialogue of the struggling writer with accuracy and humor. 111 more words

Common Writing Block Problems

A Writer’s Procrastination

Composed 4/20/14
Description: Poem procrastination via reading turned out to be very helpful. How do you writers out there tend to procrastinate?

Words won’t fly out my… 10 more words


Forced inspiration.

The deadline is looming. Three weeks, then two weeks, and then one. I open my computer to write and I feel Chrome staring at me from my dock. 590 more words


Shiver (book) + my writing ramblings

Well, here’s one of the late posts that were supposed to be published a few weeks ago. I haven’t done much writing this few weeks, not because I was stuck in a ravine of a frustration surrounded by lurking, unvanquishable (is that even a word? 716 more words