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Goodbye writer's block...

Dear Writer’s Block,

It’s not you, it’s me. Actually, it is you. You have been the center of my world for quite some time now. That is of no ones fault but my own. 366 more words


Try and try again

Recently,I have been finding myself browsing the internet for poetry magazines to enter my work and to challenge myself. I am determined to get my name in these magazines and sites, even if I have to study poetry for ten years. 113 more words


Imaginary Friends

A Writer’s best friends are the ones living life in his/her head. Unless they stop talking to you, then they are your worst enemy.


The Block

It’s 3:46 p.m. Check my phone. Nothing. I dunno why I constantly check it. I know nothing’s new. It’s just a tick I guess. Maybe something about the back-lit screen will poof an idea into my head. 382 more words


Three Signs you’re in a Writing Slump

We’ve all been there—staring helplessly at the computer screen, resting your fingers limply on the keyboard and willing words to start magically appearing on the screen. 757 more words

Social Media

NaPoWriMo - Day Twenty Three


I try to write about concrete things: 

The sky, flowers, bricks and cities. 

But whenever I try my mind throws up

Roadblocks, barricades, potholes.  36 more words

Block the Block

I talk about writer’s block here. Often. We all suffer from it. Ultimately, we all get beyond it somehow. But there are some days when a mountain-load full of inspiration is needed/desired/begged for to get you through your slump. 119 more words