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"The Few" Post #6

For this week’s blog I wanted to take a break from talking about “The Few”. Think of this a note from the author to the future reader’s of “The Few”. 550 more words

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A Word On "Songwriting Made Easy"

I have been writing songs and song lyrics for the better part of my life. I started the “habit” when I was in seventh grade and it stuck with me throughout high school and my adult life. 433 more words

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Songwriting Made Easy: 3. Success Is Not Instant

Let’s say that you have finally got comfortable with your writing and your confidence is building. Suddenly, you wonder why you aren’t being noticed by every potential fan. 459 more words

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Songwriting Made Easy: 2. One Verse, Repeated, A song Does Not Make

There is a growing trend, a very alarming one, where one verse (the endless chorus, I call it) is written and repeated for 3-6 minutes, causing the brain of the listener to gel. 790 more words

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Songwriting Made Easy: 1. Study The Classics

The classics. Whether it is country, Christian, contemporary, metal, dance, rap, R & B, blues, folk or world, you must still know your audience. You must know structure. 879 more words

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Songwiritng Made Easy: Introduction-Before You Begin

Introduction: Before You Begin

Ok, so you are wondering what gives me the right to even think I have anything to impart to you. Well, I have been writing for well over twenty years. 433 more words

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Book Review: "Collecting The Circle" By Kate O'Hara

With her trademark wit, Kate has once again written a story that is sure to entrance you and keep you laughing as well as spellbound to the very end. 112 more words

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