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The Difference Between Ghosting and Editing

Ghosting or ghostwriting: The act of writing an article, story, or novel from someone else’s idea. This only results in a check, not in editing credits or co-writing credits. 49 more words

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# 190: Surprises Abound

I can’t believe I have reached #190! Wow! I must really be a hard bloggin’ puppy! Or something on that order.

Anyway, got good news, and bad news. 204 more words

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Book Review: "Tiara" By John Reinhard Dizon

Action and intrigue make this book hard to get away from. Set in Belfast, Ireland, the story takes you on a wild ride as a Scottish Princess is kidnapped as she tries to broker a peace in Ireland. 76 more words

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Taking A Break

Many who are waiting for the next chapter of “The Devil” are probably irritated with me right about now. I have not gone on to post anything more yet, and for good reason. 665 more words

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A Word From Our Editor...

It utterly amazes me how many questions, suggestions, etc. I receive from readers. I have been asked a few times how I prepare to write my observations, experiences, and stories. 273 more words

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Something Deeply Personal

Very few people actually know what my childhood was like. For those condemning Robin Williams for committing suicide, they do not know how hard it can be to crawl out of bed and face each and every day. 947 more words

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The Devil: Chapter 10

“And the devil/He’s in trouble
You can see it in his eyes/If you don’t give him shelter
He’ll have no place to hide…”

Once again, the devil stood in the presence of the only two mortals ever to defeat him. 952 more words

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