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The Devil, Chapter 6

“L.A.’s In California/I’ve been there
Once or twice/It is an education/To be sure…”*

Marcus awoke suddenly. He felt the shift, as if a powerful force had been reunited. 1,113 more words

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The Hell Patrol: Fall Of The Proud


It had been an experimental weapon. It was never supposed to be tested outside. At least, not yet. But the High Council, the Russian Parliament, had insisted on testing a potential cause of a pandemic…on the top of a rocket. 5,712 more words

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How Did I Get Here?

Just like Desmond the Moon Bear… I’m not quite sure how I got here.

One minute you’re sat at your first day of university worrying about the future, – or if you’re going to go out that night – the next you’re at your graduation day, celebrating getting a 2:1 in Creative Writing. 256 more words


The Devil, Chapter 5

“And some they win/ And some they lose
And the winners grin/And the losers say
Deal the cards again/ Oh won’t you deal the cards again…”*
867 more words

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Book Review: Mexican Cooking In 30 Minutes, Cook Delicious Mexican Food At Home With Mouth-Watering Mexican Recipes Cookbook By Michael Reese

I can’t wait to try each of these recipes! This is the first easy-to-understand cookbook I have ever seen for Mexican food. I love Mexican cuisine, and when I was given the chance to review this book, I took it. 92 more words

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The Devil, Chapter 4

“He don’t have the answers/And if he did, he’d lie
The devil is a joker/And he don’t want you alive…” *

The devil cursed, He had almost been successful in seducing Betsy. 1,392 more words

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Work Overload...

Before I post the next two chapters of “The Devil”, let me tell you about my day. I have made absolutely no headway on getting anything accomplished other than “The Devil” and it is starting to really bug me. 316 more words

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