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Three For Three...

I am making a lot of progress on this story, despite the fact that I am suffering from a migraine. An amazing feat for me, since I usually can’t think straight when I have these. 203 more words

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Can You Stand The Rain?: Chapter Six Of "The Crystal Ship"

For some odd reason, I feel as if we have walked into a trap. I am tingling all over. Like the night the vampires took mama and papa. 1,016 more words

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Girl In Life Magazine: Chapter Five Of "The Crystal Ship"

I search the house room by room. It is much larger than I had originally thought. I think everyone might be able to stay inside for the night. 998 more words

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A Song For Mama: Chapter Four Of "The Crystal Ship"

After her low but precise description, I make up two dummy wraps. I make it look as if she and I are lying on the ground asleep. 997 more words

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Summer Heart

I have a summer heart

I’m not a winter girl

I like long sunny days

I like a carless twirl

my feet in the sand… 26 more words

Seasons Of Loneliness: Chapter Three Of "The Crystal Ship"

It has been three days since I left Doravenour and Grady. And Thayrn. I kind of like the monk. Even though I didn’t show it. 1,034 more words

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Never: Chapter Two Of "The Crystal Ship"

Doravenour stares at me from across the campfire. “Does this all surprise you? New York was going to fall at some point, Cherrie. The vampires needed it for financial reasons. 1,038 more words

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