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Introducing Sarah (Fandom Writer)

Hi guys,

Sarah here. I’m 14 from South Wales, UK AKA Narnia to 5SOS. I’m currently in year 10 studying for my GCSE’s and trust me, I can think of better things I would rather be doing, such as fangirling. 150 more words

One Direction

Introducing Ally (Fashion Editor)

Hey! My name is Ally and I am 15, blonde, and I pretty much live on my phone. I live in the UK in a village where not much happens so life would be pretty boring without the internet to be honest. 150 more words


Introducing Courtney (Fandom Writer)


My name is Courtney and I am one of the fandom writers for Fanyell. Yaaay! I’m 16 from England and currently in year 11 in school studying for my GCSE’s. 110 more words

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Introducing Nichole (Fandom Writer)


My name is Nichole, but  people call me Nikki or Coles. I’m 15 from South Wales, UK. Outside of writing for Fanyell, I sometimes write for a website called  232 more words


Introducing Ellen (Fandom Writer)

Hey guys!

I’m Ellen! I’m 16 years old and I’m currently studying Media, English and RE for my AS level! I live in South Wales in the UK! 144 more words


Introducing: Eva (Fashion Editor)


I’m Eva, a 15 year old girl and I live in the East of England. Although I live in England most of my family is welsh so I visit Wales a lot (A LOT) throughout the year. 310 more words


Nature and Poetry Lovers: Feathered Nest

 Nature Lovers’ Treat

Please go visit my newest favorite blog, Leaf and Twig.

Fantastic nature photography married to brief poems that leave lingering fresh mint on my tongue. 89 more words

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