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Celeriac Disease and other complaints

Good spelling and general levels of proof reading seem to be in a critical state of health nowadays. For some reason I have become very aware of this especially over the past week or so, spying a number of publications that have certainly given me reason to have a few good yucks, while at the same time decrying the demise of the English language. 521 more words

#Nanowrimo Conflict: The Fuel Of Your Story

Conflict is the fuel that keeps your story going. Conflict revels your character and draws the reader closer. It gives the reader a reason to keep turning the page. 1,101 more words

Write It Forward

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Stoke your fiction

Advice for a successful novel

This looks like a great post to read and share, even if you never will write a novel during #NaNoWriMo. All great fiction and nonfiction books need conflict and tension or readers stop reading. I am a great lover of the literary arts, but also a reader of biography, history and nonfiction. #NaNoWriMo means National Novel Writing Month. I have won twice, writing over 50,000 words and drafting two novels in my Dog Leader Mystery series. If you aspire to write, read this and share. Thanks! Nanowrimo cover

Why Writers Lack Confidence- The Struggle Is Real

Yesterday a writer friend who left our critique group about a year ago indicated she was ready to come back to our fold. We of course, welcomed her back, all wondering what had happened to cause her to leave in the first place. 714 more words

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Deconstructing deconstructing

Joe’s Post #114

In Paula’s most recent post, she raised a good point. Are we writing more about writing than writing? Or analyzing writing instead of writing? 487 more words

Writing Advice

A Blog? Does It Matter?

I heard author Carrie Snyder talking about her book The Juliet Stories at the Thin Air Writers’ Festival in Winnipeg a number of years ago.  The woman who introduced Carrie mentioned Carrie’s blog called… 429 more words


Acceptance and Anxiety: garden blogs vs. writers' blogs

I’m both a gardener and a writer. My blog posts are split between these two interests, which may not be the best idea for finding a readership, but it means I can usually come up with something to post about. 329 more words


Nerd Girl Fantasies- Novel Heroes Bare All

I am sure all writers may think this, but my Writer’s Critique group is a unique collection of individuals. We work well together, but we also have a good time. 451 more words

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