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     The twins had not had the best of childhood. To begin with their parents were quite poor, but that wasn’t their biggest problem. They were both girls.

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Middle Grade Book Length

The dormant math teacher in me is needing to click at a calculator for a minute.  Word count.  This pesky thing is really starting to irk me.  573 more words

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New Magazine Submissions

I tried to post this before but just found it in the ‘Drafts’ today. It’s always nice to have places to submit articles to.

4 MAGAZINES FOR WRITERS… 342 more words


S3P2: "Only the best at Westfest"

Wordcount: 348

Prompt: Write a Travel and Food Nonfiction Piece.

Audience: People looking for good tourist experiences.

Walking into Westfest. is like walking into Wonderland, and the only two thoughts on my mind when I went last year were “Will they have those really good veggie burgers?” and “Dad, can please I go on the bouncy castle?” 311 more words

Writer's Craft


Words: 259

Prompt: Write a satire piece intended to create change. (Topic: The “terrors of the internet”)

Audience: The critics of the interwebs. 274 more words

Writer's Craft

The Word-Loss Diet by Rayne Hall

The Word-Loss Diet by Rayne Hall

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So you’ve written a book and you are either ready to self-publish or you’re thinking about sending it off to publishers. 156 more words


A Haunting

A Haunting

Death grips us in unusual ways. Once there, now gone, or, at least that’s the way it usually runs. Sometimes, on the rare occasion, Death doesn’t quite remove the dead, and they hold out, holding on, and haunt the living. 177 more words

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