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Ye Olde Blog Hop

Last Friday, Adam Shaftoe tagged me in a Blog Hop. Basically it’s like a chain letter for writers but with the added benefit of mutation (sweet, sweet mutation). 557 more words

The New Yorker and Minot #3

“Dialogue is the sound of fiction” (Stephon Minot, Three Genres). Just like we have discussed in class, showing is better than telling. If there is no dialogue to the story, then the author is forced to explain rather than the characters showing with what they say. 660 more words

Short Story

Winds Of Change

Seasons change with the pass of time, leaving behind what once was mine.
Standing here with a heart that I thought would always belong to you… 151 more words

Writers Craft

Three Writerly Blogs for You to Visit

Today I thought I’d pass along three of the writerly resources that I visit often.

One of my favourite blogs is by Kristi Holl, author of… 278 more words


hit & miss: (an excerpt)

An assignment for Writer’s Craft required us to write a 500 word scene-sequel on anything of our choice, so I came up with one that takes place during a school shooting. 591 more words


'Questions of Travel' . . .

I’ve been reading the Miles Franklin Literary Award winning book for 2013 written by Michelle de Krester called ‘Questions of Travel’. Many cups of coffee later I’ve arrived at the end of this magnificent but daunting five hundred page plus read. 553 more words


If love was.

If love was a place, I’d call it home.

If love was a song, I’d call it a symphony.

If love was a picture, I’d call it a treasure. 82 more words