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Jen's Starting a Book Blog!

So pretty much with everything in my life it’s taken me entirely too long to get my book blog up and running. I had the idea I wanted to start one way back at the end of December, so nearly almost a year ago. 139 more words



   Word Count: 258

Audience: Teen Readers

Format: Book Synopsis/Outline

Olivia Trent is a normal teen (but that’s how all the stories start, isn’t it..) After accidentally breaking an ornate mirror and the death of her best friend Cecily in a car accident, things start to get crazy. 231 more words

Writer's Craft

S2P4: C.H.R.O.N.I.C

Word count: 284

Target Audience: People my age unaware of those who deal with chronic illness.

Prompt: Discuss a dramatic event in your life. Use 2-3 examples of parallel structure in your post. 297 more words

Writer's Craft

S2P2: Dialogue Disaster

Word Count: 287

Audience: People with a sense of humor. High School students.

Prompt: Write a dialogue between two different characters, contrasting them in speech, behavior, and appearance. 298 more words

Writer's Craft

S2P1: How does one explain confidence in five images and three hundred twenty-eight words?

Word Count: 328 words

Audience: Other teenagers, queer youth

Prompt: Choose 5 images and write a personal essay based off of a theme that connects the two. 342 more words

Writer's Craft

Personal NaNoWriMo, of a Sort

Because I live in cultural seclusion, I’ve only just learned of the yearly NaNoWriMo contest that’s been running since all the way back in 1999 (!). 124 more words

Short(er) Stories

Post Grad Depression |2.5

I have chosen to write an excerpt from a post graduate student’s journal. This prompt must be under 350 words.

Target audience: 24-29

27th day after… 358 more words