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Daily Prompt

WN #16: Verb Tense

You probably have a tense you naturally want to write in, but sometimes, there may be another tense that will better achieve your writing goals for a particular piece.

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Writer's Notebook

Editorial Note 1

Some 215 posts into a strange experiment, some of you are wondering what is happening here.

Simply, I am publishing excerpts from my Writer’s Notebook. I post them to share them with likeminded readers, so that you can accompany me as I adventure through the history of great ideas. 346 more words



Daily Prompt

WN #15: How many ways can you rewrite a sentence?

Take a favorite sentence you’ve already written in your notebook and rewrite it at the top of this entry.  

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Workshop Day

Daily Prompt

WN #14: Lifting a Line

Look through your notebook at the lines you highlighted last week.

Write one of them down again in your notebook.  

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Plot-Holes: Writing out of a Rut

As I stared into the depths of my laptop yesterday, determined to write something substantial before succumbing to nine hours of football, I finally accepted the humiliating truth: I’ve reached the dreaded mid-plot slump in “Blue Karma”. 322 more words

Blue Karma

Fiction and Point of View

Daily Prompt

WN #13: Amazing First Lines

I have placed a stack of books at each of your tables.  Look through them and write down the first line from each of them in your notebooks.

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Three Positives Each Day

A few months ago a friend on Facebook was nominated to write three positives in her life for each day and to keep it going for a week. 358 more words