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Writing in a new genre

Daily Prompt

WN #26: Rereading and Highlighting

Take some time to pore over your notebook again (you’ve got 25 entries now, plus extra writing you may have added!).  

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Writer's Notebook

W.A.R.S.: The Character Killing Fields

I killed a character today.

And it bothered me….because it was easy. So many authors have commented on how difficult it is killing their characters, I expected procrastination and pain. 391 more words

Blue Karma

Identifying Genres

Daily Prompt

WN #25: Thinking about Genres

In the context of writing, the word genre is a reference to a type of writing which has unique characteristics in regards to narrative elements such as setting, plot, character, and theme (just to name a few).

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Writers Notebook: A powerful tool which documents if ‘what has been taught’ has been embedded and is being used consciously by students.

This year we introduced Writers Notebook across my school. My students and I absolutely love our notebooks. We have a tool/skill workbook where  student’s record / practice grammar, word-work and genre study. 274 more words

W.A.R.S.: Protagonist's Progress

So I finished chapter twelve yesterday and set Paul on a collision course with the other two protagonists. In my last post, I commented that he’s become quite a fun character to write. 294 more words

Blue Karma

What's in a Name?

One of the hardest part of writing, in my humble opinion, is naming things. Characters, places, businesses, musical acts, it makes no difference, finding an acceptable name can be torture. 606 more words

Writing Advice

Workshop Day

Daily Prompt

WN #24: Questions

Ask a neighbor to pose a question at the top of your notebook.

Take five minutes to write a creative response.

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