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Thanksgiving for a Writer's Diary

The ‘Writer’s Diary’
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This is an actual-factual entry, moderately edited:

I know I’ve said it before and I just have to say it again: “I am so glad you’re here, Writer’s Diary. 241 more words

Writing in different forms (with your peers)

Daily Prompt

WN #44: Inspired by Quotes

Inspired by this quote image, beginning writing a fictional story.  Write for ten minutes. Please note you will be sharing this with your peers.

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Writing in different forms

Daily Prompt

WN #43: Writing from an Image

Inspired by this image, write for five minutes.

Today, we’re going to experiment with different forms of writing, paying particular attention to how the form affects the meaning of your work.

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Grounds for Hope: Science Fiction as Literature

At yesterday’s National Book Awards, celebrated science fiction author Ursula Le Guin received an award honoring her literary achievements. Once small step for the legendary Le Guin, one giant leap for science fiction authors. 506 more words

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Workshop Day: Playwriting (Day Four)

Daily Prompt

WN #42: Writing from an Image

This is an actual set for a play.  What do you imagine the script would be like for a play like this?  

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Playwriting (Day Three)

Daily Prompt

WN #41: The Worst Day Ever

Imagine what would constitute the “worst day ever” for you and write about it.  You pick the genre: comedic, dramatic, etc…

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Workshop Day: Playwriting (Day Two)

Daily Prompt

WN #40: Writing from a List

Make a list of moments from your own life which could be interesting to see onstage.

Write for five minutes.

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