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My Muse

Sensations moving
Like an echo

I felt her,
Beating her drum,
Calling us both to the battle field, 93 more words

Found Poetry Continued

Daily Prompt #5: 

Catharsis – the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.

It’s time to unleash any thoughts you have about the week or upcoming weekend.

71 more words
Writer's Notebook

Continuing with Creation Stories

Hi folks!  Let’s check out the “Deity of the Day.”

Take some time now to continue reading and responding to the creation stories packet.

Don’t forget to WN #2 (on the packet) 9 more words

Writers Notebook

Found Poetry

Daily Prompt #4: Writing from a Word

Write for five minutes (no stopping) about whatever comes to mind after seeing this word.  Don’t over think.

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Writer's Notebook

First Notebook Entry and Creation Stories

Hi class!  Let’s check out the “Deity of the Day!”

Now it’s time to start your first notebook entry.  Label it #1 and respond to the following: … 73 more words

Writers Notebook

Starting your Writer's Notebook

Welcome students!  It’s time to start creating your writer’s notebook.  To do that, you’re going to engage in a few writing exercises today.  These are strategies we will continually use throughout the semester. 198 more words

Writer's Notebook

Putting Penguin to Paper

Hello Inksters!

Outside our window today there is snow, wind, cold, snow, and more snow! So what better topic to write about than…


Today, let’s put PENguin to paper with the help of another stunning photograph from Eva Ho: 173 more words