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Writing Prompt #38

This one spoke to me today…Are you inspired?

Join me in my Writing Prompt Challenge series.  If any of the images get those creative juices flowing, share it with us!

Happy Writing!


Be A One-Hit Wonder

The other night when I was talking with my fellow writers at group, one of them mentioned the “10,000 Hours Rule” by Malcolm Gladwell in his book, Outliers.   516 more words


James Callan: Forget the Labels

Please welcome James R Callan, mystery writer and author of a resource for writers: Character: The Heartbeat of a Novel.

Forget the Labels

We’ve all heard, “Clothes make the man.” Actually, I don’t believe that. 730 more words

Writing Prompt Challenge Accepted #7

The world is a mess, and the nice thing about being a writer is that we can seek refuge in our work.  We can right the wrongs, we can create better worlds, and hopefully in the end, help others in some small way. 534 more words


Guilty Pleasures

I’ve had a snippet of this post pending for some time, and after reading through some blogs I decided today was the day to talk about something we all have… 555 more words


Writing Prompt #37

As you are probably aware by now, I am wildly fond of imagery.  It may be why I’m a screenwriter in particular, it’s all about the visual.   304 more words


I'm Baaack (and I Have a Few Things to Share)

Hi everyone!

GISHWHES has ended and I’m trying to return to my abnormal normal.  That routine I love so much was completely lost in a week full of chaos, slapdash, and mind-numbing exhaustion.   270 more words