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Writers Workshop in South London's Newest Cinema!

Cinemas are one of my all-time favourite spaces. The feel of plush velvet beneath your fingertips, a dark room filled with anticipation, the whir of long red curtains being drawn back to reveal a giant screen. 273 more words


Top Tip Of The Week

A Tantalising Title!

Some of my students have asked me whether it’s important to give a short story a title. The answer is a huge yes! 105 more words

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Anyone got any advice on titling? I seriously struggle with it, as my blog may show.

Featured From the Archives: The Curse of Being a Slow Writer

Apologies for having to go archive-diving again this week. Let’s just say, it’s not been a great one for me and leave it at that. I wanted to find a post that could do what I couldn’t — bring some humor to my otherwise bleak mood — and this one seemed like the perfect fit. 1,669 more words


What’s the one word that describes how you feel?

Nobody says anything at first. I look at the faces around the room – fifteen, sixteen year olds who are expecting to stand in front of an audience in a few days and read some of their writing. 1,243 more words

Gabriela Blandy

Discovering when it is best for you to write

I used to write in the morning after a good breakfast. It worked well. But life changes and what worked then does not work now. … 333 more words


PSA-Show, don't tell! #amwriting

I’ve been reading for review a plethora of indie authors’ works.

Please, please SHOW me the story.  Don’t tell me or I’ll start skipping pages.  I read books to immerse my imagination into a different world, not to be a passive receptacle for your story. 617 more words

Writerly Musings

Effective, Easy, and Enjoyable: The Best Way I Know to Improve Your Academic Critical Skills

I’m sure you have heard this before!

If you want to write a good literature review you need to develop your critical skills.

‘But how?!’ – you may ask. 730 more words

Academic Writing