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An easy way to write better

Writers know there are thousands of blogs with writing tips, e-books guiding you to better writing, magazines like Writers Digest or Writer to make you writing perfect, not to mention a library of books about creative writing. 376 more words


The Truth-Teller's Club

How long have I been examining memoirs to see what I learned?

I just went and looked up the answer. I started these at the beginning of January of this year. 689 more words

Creative Nonfiction

A writer’s contemplation (fun with homophones, take 4)

It’s time once again for Fun with Homophones.

As we drove to the mall you gave me some interesting thoughts to maul over while you looked out the window at the ewes by the yews.    194 more words

Steven S. Walsky

Artistic License and Registration, Please

Early in the year my wife picked up used DVDs for every season of “Mad Men” for next to nothing. In just a few months she was able to watch the whole series. 1,002 more words


How writers can train their keyboard

A keyboard is like a cat. Neither will listen to you. A keyboard is independent of you. You can hit the K, but if the keyboard wants L, it will do so. 380 more words


Book Cover Template and Site Header Samples

These are samples from the Renewal Pack that I posted right before my arms went to hell again.

Full-sized book cover template (Without the rose image or my site ribbon) is available on request.

Writers Resources

How Are Earnings After the Development of New Format on Bubblews?

I’ve been making it more priority to post once daily on Bubblews. I was away from that site for many months, because of an illness in my family and elsewhere needed my attention. 375 more words

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