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Part Two: A Gallery of Pictures of the Lambda Literary Foundation's Writers Retreat...

The gala spanned a week. In that time, I vied to fill my waking moments with as many delights as my senses would imbibe, from the Delta flight to the workshop time to the return flight home, some of which I don’t have pictures, but will allude to nonetheless. 722 more words

Part One: A Gallery of Pictures from the Lambda Literary Foundation's Writing Retreat...

Attending the Lambda Literary Foundation’s Writing Retreat was illuminating. I learned so much, met so many, and experienced so much. I attended the Genre Fiction Workshop led by Mystery writer extraordinaire and Writer’s Digest writer, Elizabeth Sims. 298 more words

The Hundred-Year House offers absorbing hybrid of family saga, literary mystery, examination of creative life


The Hundred-Year House

By Rebecca Makkai

Viking, July 10, 2014

$26.95, 335 pages

Rebecca Makkai’s sharp-witted sensibility is at work on every page of The Hundred-Year House… 581 more words

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Writers Retreat

Last weekend I had the pleasure of going away on writers retreat with some of my writing crew. These girls are AWESOME people, and it was an absolute pleasure to go and hang with them for a couple of days. 699 more words

Double Me ~ North Me and South Me

(I’m definitely a Gemini ~ frequently at least two different people. Do you ever feel that you are two quite distinct persona? Since scheduling this post my feet have not touched the ground down in Bedfordshire and it is strange to look back on this scheduled post of my recent months up in Fife) 332 more words

Here And Now

First Annual Cabin 'n the Words Retreat an Unforgettable Experience

Have you ever been looking forward to something so much that you’re afraid to even imagine everything going smoothly, let alone perfectly? That was me, before the First Annual Cabin ‘n the Words Retreat (clever name coined by Jay Asher). 283 more words