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…or as I like to refer to it, the Elixir of Life.

Today’s writing prompt is right up my alley. I am in love with coffee and if I were able, I would marry it. 260 more words


One Truth

Hindsight is 20/20.

Looking at my life so far I realize that things happen for a reason. Would I go back and change certain things? Of course. 280 more words



Nachos, for the last five years, have been an important food group in my life.

The nachos above are from a hometown restaurant that my friends and I will travel unlimited miles in order to partake in their food. 249 more words



I really doing this, Jackson thought as he chucked off his shoes placing them in a bucket as his other few possessions he grabbed this morning were rolling through the security x-ray machine. 482 more words


Inadvertent Renoir

Like most of Baby Boomer America, I have presbyopia. That’s Latin for too damn old to see anything closer than the end of my outstretched arm. 204 more words

Writers Write

The Gift

I find it superficial to admit that my best gift was my Kindle Fire I received last year for my birthday. I am usually not one to worship technology or upgrade to the newest edition of phones, but I fell victim to the bells and whistles the Kindle offered. 212 more words


When is Enough Enough?

I’m trying to do the final read-through on my novel, but I’m constantly stopping to fix things. But when I do, I read the lines again and can’t tell if they are better than before, or just different. 259 more words

7 Evil Dwarves