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Writing Prompt from Writer's Write

Thanks to Facebook, only this time something that makes me happy. I found a page called ‘Writer’s Write’ and I’m going to make use of the daily prompt. 292 more words


My new blog: Because writers write

I’m starting a blog.

There I said it, and now I’m committed.

The question I had to answer is why am I starting a blog? Last week, I was getting inspired by several freelance writers who were at the American Writers and Artists Institute bootcamp in Florida. 194 more words

Starting A Blog


I ate at a favorite restaurant yesterday, Josephine’s. I love this place so much I used it as a setting in a novel.

Charlie’s Chili was an icehouse.

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Writers Write


The smell of rain on dry earth always made her think of Marlowe. When the first drops began to fall, scattering the dry dirt in little soft puffs she always smiled. 522 more words


How To Get It Done

Breaking a rule here. A while back, I decided NOT to write about writing. After all, I’m out to recruit readers not writers to my little slice of the internet. 260 more words

Writers Write

False Assumption

I have a neighbor, who sends me junk email. Specifically, she posts political propaganda in opposition to my beliefs. She doesn’t mean to be malicious (at least not to me personally. 129 more words

Writers Write

Write Like a Man

I have ink on my middle finger. My fountain pen has a refillable cartridge. It’s the kind you dip into a well and pull up the plunger to suck black blood into the instrument. 126 more words

Writers Write